Insulated Jackets

Sink into plush comfort in lightweight down jackets. Coats are an essential part of your winter gear when it comes to staying warm, dry and ready for whatever comes your way while.

Adidas Down jackets

The big, wide world awaits you out there right now! adidas down jackets represent functional designs providing you with protection from the elements – in the city, in the mountains or outside in nature. The down jackets from adidas are designed to suit your active lifestyle.

The brand with the three stripes – adidas down jackets

Comfort always makes the day, especially when the weather is cold and wintery. Treat yourself to the cozy warmth of one of our down jackets. Whether it's a busy weekend in the city, your daily winter commute or an adventurous outing in the mountains, you can count on the warm of down to seal in the heat when it's cold outside. When you want the most warmth possible, choose one of our long down parkas for the added warmth of the parka's extended cut. When you are being active and walking or hiking, the shorter length of a puffy jacket is a great choice. You just can't beat the high-loft warmth of all-natural down. It's the kind of comfort that you feel as soon as you slip it on. adidas insulated jackets are available in many colors including black. 3-Stripes details share track jacket inspired style in many of our insulated coats. Synthetic insulated jackets offer easy-care versatility and low-bulk style while still offering warmth you can feel as soon as you zip them up. 

From traditional large baffle puffies to more modern slim baffles and city-ready adidas MYSHELTER jackets, you'll find warm winter coats that blend functional design with the latest outdoor technology to keep you warm and comfortable from the city to the ski resort. Do yourself a favor this winter and zip up the unbeatable warmth of an adidas down jacket.

Insulated Jackets Frequently Asked Questions

Down jackets, sometimes called puffer jackets, are one of the warmest choices for winter jackets. One of mother nature’s finest designs, down is great at trapping hot air to keep you warm but is also much more breathable and lighter than synthetic materials. However, if you’re going to be in wet condition, it’s best to make sure the outer shell is water-resistant or waterproof to help keep you dry. Learn more about how to layer clothing for cold weather on the adidas blog.
Synthetic insulation isn’t typically as warm as down, but can usually withstand pretty cold temperatures. Jackets with synthetic fill tend to weigh more than down jackets but can be a bit easier to maintain. Down jackets are filled with down plumage from ducks or geese that traps your own body warmth. Warmer and lighter than padded jackets, down jackets are very compact and can be stuffed into small pouches which makes them nice for hiking. They are a bit harder to wash than padded jackets but can last longer if cared for correctly.
This is what you will need for washing a down jacket: 2-3 tennis balls, a front-loading washer, and laundry soap (read your jacket's label for the best recommendation). Remove all detachable parts of the jacket. Wash your down jacket with cold or lukewarm water on a gentle cycle. Shake the jacket gently when it’s done washing to properly distribute the down. Next put it in the dryer with 2-3 tennis balls on low heat or air-dry. Lastly, remove your jacket from the dryer and shake every 10-15 minutes to help evenly distribute the down. Check out the adidas blog for more information about how to wash different types of jackets.