Football Cleats & Clothing

From jerseys to cleats and more, adidas has football clothes and shoes for players at every level. Check out adidas for men's football cleats like the adizero — ultra-lightweight and built for players who attack the game top speed. Or choose Freak or Nasty cleats, designed for linesmen and football players who get the work done at the line of scrimmage. adidas also has football gear like performance and fan jerseys, high-tech socks, and water bottles to keep you hydrated on the practice field.
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adidas Football Cleats & Clothes

Get more than just your football cleats and clothes at adidas. You can also find performance and fan jerseys, high-tech socks and water bottles to keep you hydrated on the practice field.

  • Cleats with Performance and Flash: Get reliable traction and lightweight cushioning with our selection of American football cleats. Choose from lines like the Freak, Adizero and Impact FLX, depending on your position and needs.
  • Never Lose Your Grip: Make the most of your skills with padded and flexible football gloves from adidas. Choose from sweat-wicking, ventilated gloves designed for different weather conditions and preferences.
  • Make Every Practice Count: Beyond game day, get the apparel and accessories you'll need for practice sessions. Football socks from adidas are built for durability, and our tights protect your legs against the cold while providing maximum range of motion.
  • All Ages and Sizes: Outfit yourself or the young football players in your life with quality gear. adidas offers football cleats, gloves and apparel for kids and juniors as well as adults.
  • For the Fan: Support your favorite college football team with our fanwear line. Dress head to toe, from your socks to your jersey or hoodie, and let the world know your allegiance.

Reach your highest level with adidas football cleats and clothes. Built for dedicated players who give their all on the field, our gear is designed to propel you to be your best.

Football Cleats & Clothing Frequently Asked Questions

Basic football clothes include a football jersey, tight-fitting leggings with shorts or short pants, moisture-wicking socks and cleats. Players also wear football helmets and padding to shield them from impact and abrasion. An extra layer goes under the football jersey and shoulder pads, usually a T-shirt, compression shirt or padded undershirt. Off the football field, players might choose a hoodie, tee or jersey to rep their favorite team or player, paired with some casual joggers. Try out some of these six football drills footbal drills to confirm for yourself how the right gear makes a difference.
There are several types of football jerseys made for fans, ranging from streetwear replicas to performance jerseys that are similar to what players wear on the field. There are also football clothes designed for athletes to practice and play in. Practice jerseys have less tech than game jerseys, which are made with lightweight, moisture-absorbing fabrics that fit close to the body while stretching to cover the player's shoulder pads. Football game jerseys are generally made in home and away versions, and there may also be third jerseys for special occasions.
Football pants shouldn't be too loose or too tight. You don't want your football clothes riding up or sagging. To find the right size for your football pants, use a tape measure around your waist just above your hip bones. Stand up straight with your feet about shoulder width apart and take a breath in. Hold the tape measure so it's snug but not digging in. Read the inches from the tape measure and match them to the size chart for the pants you're interested in. If you find you're between sizes, size up.