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“Look good, feel good, play good.” That’s the mantra. While you’re putting points on the scoreboard, your football cleats are putting in work. And if you want to keep the game fresh, that means your gotta keep the cleats fresh too. Real #cleatheads stay obsessed with keeping their cleats clean for practice and game day. So we want to hook you up with the best ways to clean your kicks with this How to Clean Football Cleats guide.


When the time comes to clean your football cleats, follow these dos and don’ts:


Remove excess dirt – Knock the soles together to loosen dirt and mud from the cleats, and then grab an old toothbrush to wipe away remaining grime and mud. Don’t scrub too hard though, you don’t want to scratch up the softer materials.

Make a soapy mix –Mix a couple drops of non-bleach eco-friendly laundry soap with warm water in a big bowl or bucket. Grab a clean washcloth, soak it in the soapy water and get to work. A little scrubbing will remove turf marks, [blood, sweat and your opponents’ tears,] or any other superficial stains from your shoes. Your cleats should be starting to get that #FirstNeverFollow shine to it.

Rinse off – Grab a new washcloth or rinse off the dirty one and soak it in warm water. Use that cloth to wipe the same areas to remove all the soap.

Dry at room temperature – Your football cleats will be pretty wet by now, but make sure you don’t put them under heat to dry! Placing shoes near a radiator or in a dryer can get them all twisted. Let them sit outside or someplace where there is some air flow.

Laces out – Throw your laces in the washing machine with the rest of your football gear. Or get hype and just replace them with a new color from adidas.

Air your insoles – You don’t want to be “that guy” in the locker room, so if you’re smelling something take the insoles out of your shoes, wash ‘em, dry ‘em, and dust ‘em with a little bit of baking soda to fight the odor.

You dropped some dollars on these cleats, so don’t mess them up when you clean them. Cause for you to win, you’re cleats gotta win. Read through the list of cleat cleaning things to avoid.


Don’t put your football cleats in the washing machine. Cleats aren’t sneakers! This can damage and discolor them.

Don’t use drying machines or place them on a radiator. Too much heat can get the football cleat twisted, and the only thing you need to leave twisted is the competition.

Don’t use alternative cleaning products that are packed full of chemicals and bleach. You gotta keep your footwear shining in the endzone and a lot of products can mess with the colors.

Don’t use a hard brush, or scrub too hard, since it will jack up the designs or mesh.

Don’t store your cleats when they’re wet. Try to air them out as much as possible to keep them smelling neutral.

If that wasn’t enough for you or if you have more questions, check these tips for keeping your football cleats clean:


Keeping your cleats fresh starts before you wear them. Make sure you store them inside in a dry area. The sun can wear and discolor the outside of your cleat.


If you want to keep your footwear stain-free you gotta act fast. Stains left on the cleat too long will start to soak into the fabrics of the football cleat, which can ruin the look in the long-term.

Pro Tip: If you are can’t clean or dry your football cleats right away, fill them with crumpled newspaper to keep them dry and in good shape.

After you’re cleats are looking brand new, complete the final and most important step: take them to the grid iron. And if that’s not enough, cop a fresh new pair of football cleats so you can stand out on the field.

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