Hats for Kids

Cold-weather warmth. Warm-weather comfort. Kids' hats from adidas provide a sporty finish to any outfit. Keep them cozy all winter in a knit beanie with classic fold-up style. Lightweight kids' caps with a visor will shade their eyes on sunny days outdoors as perforated side panels help keep them cool. Or opt for the low-key look of a classic bucket hat sized just for kids. You'll find bright colors, bold prints and collaborations with the likes of Marvel, Disney and LEGOยฎ to add a kid-friendly vibe.

adidas Kids Hats

Keep your kid's head covered throughout the year with a wide selection of adidas kids' hats. During every season, from summer to winter and the varying weather in spring, your child can stay protected from the elements with one of their very own kids' caps by adidas. Let them choose one that matches their style; from athletic to casual, there's one for every child. Skaters will enjoy cool color schemes and patterns, while cartoon lovers will find Disney, LEGOยฎ and others to choose from. For every outdoor sport and summer activity, hats from beanies to snapbacks are an integral piece of headgear. Snow bunnies will stay warm with a snug beanie, while sport enthusiasts will find that baseball hats provide suitable weather protection.

When you plan on hitting the slopes with the family, a kids' beanie is a must-have for your child. It easily fits under a helmet to keep their head and ears warm throughout the day. And when your kid is tired of skiing or snowboarding, the beanie will stay put through all their snow play, from making snow angels in the fresh powder to making a snowman. You can feel confident that your child's head will stay toasty underneath one of the many acrylic beanies. Choose a style that folds over for adjustable head sizes and growth spurts. Or select a snug-fit beanie without the excess fabric to roll over because it's the ideal kids' cap for layering under a helmet. Choose a style with bold colors so you can easily identify your little slope master from a distance. Or keep it classy with beanies in all black or white. Show off their sporty side with beanies sporting the Badge of Sport or Trefoil designs. If your kid's got pizzazz, find hats with a pompom that expresses their individual style. Whatever their preference or activity, you'll find a winter beanie that they'll love to wear throughout the cold-weather season.

Baseball season is always just around the corner, and with it, kids' snapbacks are sure to follow. A baseball cap is a part of the uniform, because when the noon sun is high, your child will need the eye protection to better catch that pop fly and hit that home run. Whether it's spring training or summer season, all outdoor sport players will benefit from the collection of adidas kids' hats. When a light rain starts up, the curved brim will keep raindrops out of their eyes and face for better performance during the game. On the tennis court or golf green, kids' caps are an important part of reducing glare but also exposure to UV rays. With so many colors to choose from, your little athlete is sure to find the hues to match their little league team or their favorite pro team uniform.

Despite their athletic endeavors, your kid will probably go out for a day at the beach or be invited to a pool party. Since they will likely be without headwear when splashing around the pool or swimming in the ocean, kids' hats are important for them to wear when on shore or during the adult swim break. To reduce cheek sunburns, kids' headwear is a great addition to complete their swim gear collection. Trucker hats and hats with fun prints are fun to wear for days at play when they're not in the game. Hats are intended to provide function, but that doesn't mean they can't just be worn for style. Baseball hats are a common street trend, even when the sun has gone. And beanies, with their warming capabilities, are often worn on the streets of Southern California all year round. From the skatepark to the ice rink, beanies are always in style. So grab all your favorite kids' hats for every season and activity your child enjoys.