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<div><div><h4>GET ADIDAS WOMEN'S SHOES UP TO 50% OFF</h4><p>Add more adidas sneakers to your collection. Shop our selection of women's shoes on sale. Go for new materials and patterns that add color to your wardrobe. Grab a statement piece in iconic black and white at up to 50% off. Or customize a pair with your choice of patterns, knits, or even a street-style metallic.</p><p><strong>ATHLETE FOOTWEAR – WOMEN'S SOCCER, TRAINING, & RUNNING SHOES</strong></p><p>From form to function in style: try breathable, ultra-cushioned adidas kicks with a feminine twist. Shop our selection of on-sale running shoes to be greater every run. Get the shoes that take you where you want to go with an energy-packed ride. Save when you order from the official adidas online sale.</p><p>Get free shipping with all on-sale footwear and apparel. And if you haven't found that perfect shoe yet, sign up for our emails to stay up to date on all the latest sales and releases.</p><p><strong>HOW TO LACE YOUR SHOES</strong></p><p>Learn more about how to lace your shoes properly and all the different techniques that can help you get the most comfort and functionality out of your shoes. Find our <a href="https://www.adidas.com/us/how-to-lace-shoes" target="_blank" title="How To Lace Your Shoes">How To Lace Your Shoes</a> library here.</p><p><strong>HOW TO CLEAN YOUR SHOES</strong></p><p>Shoes get dirty. Unfortunately, there is just no way of getting aorund that. However, there is something you can do about it. Follow <a href="https://www.adidas.com/us/how-to-clean-shoes" target="_blank" title="How To Clean Your Shoes">these easy steps</a> to help you keep your shoes looking brand new.</p></div></div>