Men's Basketball Shoes

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adidas basketball shoes

Stay inside the paint as you drive for the hoop or just strut your B-ball style across campus. Either way, adidas has the basketball shoes that you want to wear. From dedicated court-ready men's basketball shoes to classic basketball-inspired sneakers for everyday wear, adidas has a wide selection of the best men's basketball sneakers available. Whether you prefer men's high top basketball shoes or a men's low top basketball shoes, you'll find the latest adidas technologies including an adidas Boost midsole for an energy returning boost to every move, adidas Bounce cushioning for extended comfort on or off the court and Lightstrike cushioning for an ultralight feel underfoot.

Maybe a men's mid top basketball shoe is what you need. Regardless, adidas has basketball shoes for all ages and all players. Look for signature player designs from Donovan Mitchell, Damian Lillard, James Harden and Trae Young that share each player's unique style and dedication to the game we all love. Look for adidas Boost Pro to balances energy return, cushioning and support, so you can dominate the hardwood and find the hoop even when the pressure is on. There's nothing like lacing up on game day and stepping onto the court. Go ahead and get the basketball shoes that speak to you.

With men’s basketball shoes, you will enjoy the long-lasting comfort that comes from innovative technologies such as Primeknit, an upper that is incredibly lightweight and wraps around the foot for a fit that is both seamless and snug. Another form of seamless upper that is created to give breathable support and ensure a secure fit is known as Fusedmesh, which is featured on some basketball shoes men. The adidas basketball shoes featuring a fractal traction pattern on the outsole will provide you with better grip, allowing you to sprint past opponents and move with ultimate control while you play the game.

Men's Basketball Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

You should get the type of basketball shoes that match your style of play. Most men’s basketball shoes are made for versatile players who are stretching their skills in hybrid court positions. For more ankle support, choose a high top. They provide the greatest level of support above the Achilles. A mid-top gives more freedom to the ankle while still supporting the Achilles. The lower the cut, the more agility they allow for, at the expense of Achilles support. adidas recommends that players check with a trainer or coach before choosing a low-cut shoe to play in.
There’s not always a difference between high-tops and basketball shoes. High-tops can be a specific type of basketball shoe, or they can be streetwear shoes with a classic basketball look that aren’t made to play in. High-top basketball shoes are designed to support players’ ankle and Achilles tendon. (Basketball shoes also come in mid- and low-cut styles.) For playing basketball, look for performance midsole cushioning technologies such as adidas Boost and adidas Bounce. Or if you want quick response and speed, a snappy midsole like Lightstrike might be for you.
The best way to clean basketball shoes is to use a toothpick, toothbrush, detergent, washcloth and water. First, use the toothpick to remove any pebbles from the outsole grooves. Then scrub off any visible dirt with the toothbrush. Use an eco-friendly detergent with a washcloth and warm water to wipe away stains. Then give it another wipe with warm water on a washcloth. Finally, you can throw your laces and insoles in the washing machine, using cold water and the delicate setting. Cleaning your basketball shoes not only keeps them looking nice, it’s essential for peak performance. Learn more about the best basketball shoes for your play style