Men's Workout Shoes: Up to 65% Off

Step into shape with adidas men's workout shoes. Built for maximum comfort with impact-resistant technology, workout sneakers will support you from the gym to the city and beyond. It's time to end the season with a big win. Stock up on tons of gear with discounts of up to 65%, including full price and sale items while supplies last. No code needed. Sale ends 12/9.
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adidas Men's Workout Shoes

Lace up in adidas men's workout shoes for every practice, every rep and every mile. Whether you're hitting the gym, the sidewalks or the indoor court, these shoes provide the support and comfort you need to perform your best. Men's exercise sneakers prioritize versatility and durability, so you can go from one machine to the next in shoes that support every activity. Choose from a variety of styles, including low-top, high-top and slip-on sneakers. Because you're the type who likes options, you'll find shoes for every way you move and to match up with your personal style and mood. From low-key 3-Stripes to bright colors and signature designs from collaborators like Marvel, you're sure to find your new favorite pair. Focus on your workout and not your feet because we've got shoes specifically designed for everything from handball to HIIT and volleyball to football. Blaze through your most intense sessions like it's no big deal.

Get ready to hop on the treadmill, hit the weights or stretch from head to toe before a busy day. Men's exercise sneakers prioritize comfort and durability, so you can go from one machine to the next in shoes that support every activity. Our weightlifting shoes feature a canvas upper with open-mesh inserts to give you extra breathability. A combination of strap and laces secures the midfoot, and a midsole wedge adds rock-solid stability under heavy loads. Looking for shoes for spin class or your daily commute? Go for men's workout footwear for cycling which feature enhanced ventilation, midsole inserts for efficient pedaling and straps that lock in your feet. The incognito Velosamba is two-bold cleat compatible but looks just as good off the bike. Even if you're just working out at home, our men's workout shoes keep you comfortable during push-ups, arm curls or crunches to keep your midsection strong.

Of course, you can rely on the performance-driven details of these men's exercise shoes. Because adidas. Men's workout sneakers are flexible like running shoes, yet sturdy enough to withstand those deadlift reps and long miles on the treadmill. They're durable to keep your form strong while you do squats or take on some leg press reps. Boost cushioning returns energy with every step, so you can go harder, longer. Primeknit sneakers have breathable knit uppers that are flexible and supportive. Alphatorsion cross-training shoes are ready to hit the track and the city. Support your performance with Ultraboost gym shoes that deliver responsive cushioning. adidas Forcebounce shoes keep you stable and in control, thanks to the internal supports and external overlays on their tough ripstop upper. A full-length Bounce midsole helps with launches and landings during indoor sports like volleyball. When you're done training, a pair of cushy slides help you start your recovery.

Never sacrifice comfort or support when you have a pair of men's exercise sneakers to wear. We've fine-tuned our cushioning, outsoles and midsoles to help you make and break your personal records in specific sports and during specific moves. Dropset midsoles give you a feeling of ground contact to encourage proper form and increase your confidence in your movements when you're weightlifting or going strong during your HIIT sessions. Some shoes have two different types of EVA cushioning to give you stability as you lift and comfort on the front of your foot. Grippy outsoles have rounded edges for more natural movement. And some shoes have a Boost midsole framed in EVA to provide the perfect balance of cushioning and stability for handball or general training. Whatever your needs, check out our selection of men's workout shoes, and pick the best pair to crush your goals.