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What is the adidas Superstar?

The adidas Superstar is a shoe with an iconic shell toe. Initially a performance shoe, it debuted on the basketball court in 1969. Later the silhouette found its off-court home in the underground hip-hop scene, becoming an iconic look for the streets that has endured. Today, the casual sneaker is revered by athletes, artists and everyday stars who continue to make the classic shoe their own.

Are adidas Superstars basketball shoes?

adidas Superstars were created as basketball shoes in 1969, but they are not considered athletic shoes today. However, 50 years later, their style is as timeless as ever.

What year did adidas Superstar come out?

The adidas Superstar debuted on the basketball court in 1969.

Are adidas Superstars skate shoes?

Unexpected yet fully skateable, adidas Superstar has been adopted as a skate shoe through for its durable leather upper, shell-toe and iconic style. Collaborations with pros like Blondey McCoy have created Superstar iterations specific to skateboarding that include a natural gum shell-toe for a bold, board-friendly build.

Are adidas Superstars vegan?

Several models of Superstars are vegan, which means they are made without any use of animal-based materials.

Are adidas Superstars made out of leather?

Many models of adidas Superstars are made out of smooth cowhide leather. This set it apart from basketball shoes made of canvas when it was originally released in the 70s.

How can you tell if an adidas Superstar is an Original?

You can identify an original model of the Superstar with its distinctive three black stripes on white leather, the iconic shell toe and flat leather tongue. Check that the numbers on the tongue match the serial number on the box to ensure it’s not a fake.

Do adidas Superstars break in?

A classic leather sneaker to wear everywhere, adidas Superstars should be comfy on your feet right out of the box. With wear, your Superstars will soften up a bit and conform to your feet, giving you support and comfort day after day.

Does the adidas Superstar have any arch support?

Created for athletes of all stripes, the adidas Superstar offers plenty of arch support for most people. With their cushioned insoles and protective shell toes, Superstars were designed with movement in mind.

Are the insoles of adidas Superstars removable?

The insoles of adidas Superstars are removable, making them easy to throw in the wash. If you’re ever curious if insoles in your adidas shoes are removable, try lifting the edge of the insole by the heel. If it starts to lift easily, then they are removable. If they feel stuck to the midsole, then they are not removable.


The adidas Superstar fit is true to size, so go ahead and grab your usual size. If you need help determining your true size, use our official guide on how Superstars fit.