Men's Underwear

Power through your personal best in adidas sweat-wicking men's underwear, while enjoying a comfort soft to the touch. A perfect combination.

adidas Men's Underwear

Men's underwear by adidas is made with gentle, sweat-absorbing fabric that stays exactly where it's supposed to, all day long, no matter what type of activity you engage in. Choose whichever length you feel most comfortable in, from men's briefs to boxer briefs to long boxer briefs. We also have pairs that are specially designed for big and tall men. And though all of our underwear feels like a second skin, there are slight variations in material and construction from one type to the next, with some pairs better suited to intense workouts and others perfect for long days at the office or low-key relaxation at home.

Serious athletes need to stay totally focused on completing their training goals and bringing their level of play to new heights. The last thing you need when you're trying to win a game or get through a tough workout is distracting underwear, with uncomfortable fabric that won't properly absorb your sweat and hems that keep riding up out of place. Having the right pair of underwear can make a major difference in how you experience training days and game days. Performance-oriented men's undergarments by adidas are made with special stretch fabric blends of polyester and elastane, which are soft enough to feel relaxed against the skin but flexible enough to move with your body and not rip. Our athletic men's underwear uses quick-drying tech, so you'll stay dry even during high-intensity exercise. If you're looking for extra breathability, consider buying underwear made from special performance mesh, ideal for particularly hot days that require more ventilation. All of our underwear is designed with a no-ride-up leg construction, so hems stay in place throughout a full range of movements, including sitting, squatting, bending over, jumping and accelerating.

Regular day-to-day men's underpants from adidas are typically made from a different material mix than our performance underwear, using less polyester and instead incorporating soft, comfortable, body-hugging cotton. This fabric is gentle against the skin and lightweight enough to feel effectively unnoticeable while still providing a thick enough barrier to prevent scratching against pant linings or the inside of a pant zipper. Tagless waistbands make for an itch-free experience, and the use of smooth, flat seams throughout our men's underwear prevents irritation against any part of the leg. And our waistbands retain their shape after years of repeated rounds in the washing machine.

Whether you prefer performance or casual designs (or if you need both), we have men's underpants in a variety of lengths to suit different preferences and physical builds. Trunks are cut shorter on the leg and may extend to the mid-thigh. They're a great choice for athletes who want the most lightweight underwear possible, and they can also be the most comfortable option for those who live in hotter climates. But trunks do expose more of your inner thighs to the lining of your pants, which may cause chafing depending on the pants' lining materials. Long boxer briefs, on the other hand, may reach the knee, and the coverage they offer makes them a good choice for colder weather. They also might be more comfortable underneath itch-prone pants, including certain types of denim. Regular boxer briefs typically extend just past the mid-thigh and are generally a good middle-ground option for those who are unsure which type to choose. Whichever length you prefer, every pair of underwear from adidas is made with high-quality fabric and thoughtful construction. And if you're equal parts athlete, couch-lounger and office stud, you can buy both a set of performance briefs and a set or two of regular day-to-day briefs from our collection of men's underwear.