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Women's Shorts: 30% Off with code* CELEBRATE


Women’s shorts are made to move with you during your best moments. Train better, chill harder and celebrate every milestone with flexible fabric and comfortable coverage that you feel comfortable in. Shop the adidas summer sale, and save 30% off the products you love with code* CELEBRATE. Offer valid 07/01-07/06, while supplies last. Includes full-price and sale items online and in-store. Exclusions apply.

Adicolor Classics Traceable Shorts
Pacer 3-Stripes Woven Shorts
Pacer 3-Stripes Woven Shorts
Streetball Shorts
Adicolor Essentials French Terry Shorts
adidas Yoga Essentials High-Waisted Short Tights
3-Stripes Shorts
Hyperglam French Terry Shorts
Tastigo 19 Shorts
Adicolor Essentials Short Tights
Short Tights (Plus Size)
3-Stripes Shorts
Pacer 3-Stripes Woven Shorts
Adicolor Essentials Short Tights
Long Gingham Shorts
4 Inch Shorts
Eric Emanuel McDonald's Shorts (Gender Neutral)
Rich Mnisi Short Tights
Marathon 20 Colorblock Running Shorts
Adicolor Classics Traceable Shorts
Essentials Slim 3-Stripes Shorts
Yoga Essentials High-Waisted Short Tights (Plus Size)
Essentials Slim Logo Shorts
Made To Be Remade Running Shorts
Sweat Shorts
Run Shorts
Solid 5-Inch Shorts
Ultimate Club 7-Inch Shorts
adidas Sportswear SuperHer Shorts
Run Shorts
Adicolor Plissé Shorts
Adicolor Classics 3-Stripes Shorts
Love Unites Doodle Print Woven Shorts (Gender Neutral)
Optime Training Bike Short Tights
adidas Yoga Essentials High-Waisted Short Tights
Ultimate365 Modern Bermuda Shorts
Blue Version Pleated Shorts
Adicolor Classics Primeblue High-Waisted Short Tights
Essentials Slim Logo Shorts
Adicolor Split Trefoil Shorts
Marathon 20 Shorts
Rich Mnisi Short Tights (Plus Size)
2 Colored Rib Short Tights
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adidas women’s shorts are a go-to for running, training, games and everything in between that makes you feel alive. Every day is a chance to be something greater than before. When you’re concentrated on your journey, and comfortable in the gear that will help you get there, everything else fades. Even if it’s just for a moment. 


Compression tights and women’s sport shorts are essential for runners and gettin’ busy on training days. Look for lightweight adidas fabrics with sweat-wicking technology to stay cool and dry. Try performance shorts made with techfit® fabric to help eliminate chafing. techfit helps focus your muscles’ energy to maximize power for endurance training or running.


Athletic inspired shorts for women in soft fabrics, bright prints and feminine cuts are perfect for a fun, casual look. Dress it up or go for a pair of white sneakers for classic casual. Try mixing tennis skirts or shorts with textured sweaters in fall colors for an cozy disruption to athletic street style. 


adidas 3-Stripes down the side represent sport, street fashion and so much more. Go classic with black shorts or look for adidas knee-length shorts in various textures and colors for a spin on heritage style.

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