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Rock Climbing Clothing & Shoes

Lightweight climbing gear is essential when you need to conquer steep routes and unfamiliar territory. The perfect combo of supportive clothes and shoes gives you the confidence to perform your best.

adidas Climbing Gear

Look below to your previous goals with climbing gear that takes you to new summits. With styles that go beyond the mountain face, you can send your hardest climb yet, get a quick lift in and then celebrate with friends without skipping a beat. Graphic tees and sweatshirts light up the rock climbing collection to put your adventurous spirit on full display. Shorts provide ultimate flexibility for those days where you’re just hanging on for dear life, or those climbs where you’re (quite actually) hanging on for dear life. Rough and tough pants give you an edgy look when scraping up against rock or late-night crowds.

Functional outfits are only half the equation. Get a grip on your surroundings with shoes that work for you. Go for long climbs in flexible shoes with a neutral downturn, or challenge yourself with an aggressive downturn for when precision is everything. Get to the top in no time with wrap-around Stealth® C4 outsoles, and unpack your lunch from an ergonomic Terrex backpack. For more gear that can handle your adventurous life, be sure to check out the entire adidas outdoor lineup.

Rock Climbing Clothing & Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Mountain climbers typically wear a well-fitting top, full-length pants and additional layers. A stretchy, breathable shirt or tank top with flexible, hard-wearing pants is a great base layer. An extra sweatshirt or insulated jacket is smart to have along because climbs can get chilly, especially as you cool down post-workout. A waterproof rain jacket is a good idea, too. Read more about essential climbing clothing for beginners on our blog.
Wear flexible, lightweight, hard-wearing pants for climbing. Climbing trousers or tights with a stretch waist will keep your movements unrestricted. If you wear shorts, layer tights underneath them for coveragefrom abrasions. Look for climbing clothing with full-length leg coverage to protect your skin against the rock or gym wall. Find climbing pants made by adidas and Five Ten.
If it’s your first time climbing, make sure you wear clothes that are easy to move in. Your shirt and pants should be flexible and unrestrictive without being baggy. If you’re outdoors, bring an extra sweatshirt layer or a waterproof jacket to be ready for the weather. Don’t forget proper rock climbing shoes with a sticky outsole — for a beginner, choose a neutral shoe. Choose from an assortment of outdoor climbing gear from adidas and Five Ten.