Outdoor Climbing Gear


No cliff face seems daunting to you. Chalk up and start the ascent in adidas outdoor climbing gear. Lightweight apparel and grippy Five Ten climbing shoes move with you from handhold to foothold. Gear up for your next adventure with 30% off premium outdoor shoes & clothing.

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The main goal for your first pair is comfort and proper fit. Five Ten offers a good progression from neutral, beginner-friendly climbing shoes all the way up to advanced aggressive models for specific terrain. Let our expert help you find your fit.

adidas Climbing Gear

Ascend with confidence and take your skills to the next level by stocking up on adidas rock climbing gear. As an avid adventurer, you’ll look forward to every escape into nature with outdoor equipment engineered for performance. Designed for seasoned athletes, beginners and everyone in between, rock-climbing shoes blend comfortable, precise fits with rugged features. Outsoles made with Stealth® C4™ rubber provide superior grip for capable edging and heel hooking while breathable mesh uppers help keep your feet dry. A staple of any climber’s bag Five Ten climbing shoes come in a range of shapes, from flat soles for slipping into cracks to aggressive downturns ideal for overhangs. Each option fits snugly to let you feel the minute details needed for tight maneuvers. adidas rock climbing clothing, like ventilating Five Ten pants with secure cuff bands and flexible racerback tanks, help keep you nimble and composed in every crux. Whether you’re displaying your passion for outdoor sport with a stylish hoodie or climbing on a cool day, Five Ten sweatshirts and jackets are built to keep up with every adventure. Shop adidas for clothing and shoes for climbing to get more adrenaline from each outing.