Waterproof Shoes

No weather delays. Head out in snow, sleet or heavy rain in waterproof shoes that will keep you doing what you love no matter what's falling from the sky.
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adidas Waterproof Shoes

Amid heavy showers or constant sprinkles, keeping your steps dry with adidas waterproof shoes will help you press on with your day without missing a beat. If your plans include a run through the city, a circuit on the track or simply a routine commute, no amount of rain will get in your way. Your selection of adidas rain shoes includes everything sturdy hiking boots with long-lasting Continental Rubber or Traxion outsoles for confident grip to agile trail-runners for secure yet nimble steps. Thanks to a protective GORE-TEX membrane, you can expect to keep rainwater out without your feet overheating. As your steps add up, the super responsive Boost cushioning will provide that extra bit of perseverance you need. For especially frigid days or large elevation gains, COLD.RDY insulation will keep your feet comfortable as you march onward. Offering city-ready style, you’ll always be excited to lace up your waterproof tennis shoes before you head out the door. Shop adidas water resistant shoes to make sure the rain never slows down your momentum.

Waterproof Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

If your sneakers are already made of water-resistant materials, you might not need to add a waterproofing spray. If they're not water-resistant shoes, a spray finish can help keep your feet dry and your shoes looking new even if you spend time in the rain. Make sure you choose a spray that's made for your shoes' upper — leather, textile, suede, etc. — and follow the instructions for best results.
Waterproof sneakers really do keep rain and moisture out of your shoes. Using multiple layers of fabric, technologies like RAIN.RDY and GORE-TEX, seam-sealing and durable water-repellent (DWR) coatings, these sneakers can handle heavy rain and wet conditions. Still, unless they're specifically made for water, avoid submerging them completely, if only to keep them clean.
The difference between waterproof and water-resistant shoes comes down to how well they keep your feet dry. Water-resistant shoes are made with water-repellent materials and may have a DWR (durable water-repellent) coating to keep moisture off your feet — but heavy rain and wetness may still get in. Waterproof shoes use a variety of technologies and designs, including sealed seams and GORE-TEX membranes, to keep out moisture entirely. If you're getting ready to run in the rain, check out our tips for staying dry.