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adidas Men's Soccer Cleats

The beauty of the beautiful game lies in its diversity. No two players are exactly the same, and that's why adidas created its men's soccer cleats to suit a wide variety of play styles. Speed-focused X shoes offer lightweight builds and acceleration-boosting outsoles for players with sharp minds and fast feet. All about taking charge of games, our iconic Predator shoes deploy grippy forefoot elements to help you control the ball and add match-turning swerve to passes and shots. Delivering a touch of class, the Copa franchise helps you fine-tune your connection to the ball. And last but not least, the super-expressive Gamemode talks a good game while delivering a comfortable fit and elite performance.

From our superstar franchises to other classic names like Samba and Copa Mundial, the one thing all our soccer cleats and shoes have in common is their specialist outsoles. When you need to be on top of your game on soft and firm ground, artificial grass, artificial turf or indoor courts, make sure you look carefully at the surface type included in the model name. Once you've matched the correct outsole with your ideal play style, browse our selection of men's soccer shoes and find a pair that will take your game to new heights.

Technology continues to evolve playing fields and performance of men’s soccer shoes on the pitch. Many sports are played on similar surfaces, yet soccer has a diverse range of terrain. The right type of soccer shoes can have a huge impact on performance and personal safety. Use this adidas men's soccer cleat guide for help determining which shoe to wear on synthetic grass, soft and hard grass fields, or out on the street for your most powerful play every time.


Shoes for: Firm Ground (FG), Artificial Turf (AT), Soft Ground (SG)

Stadium is adidas’ most robust series of men’s soccer cleats to sharpen your craft and master control on various fields. Check out which soccer shoe is best matched with which stadium surface.

Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

Wear a firm ground adidas soccer cleat to easily ping the ball around on a pitch with natural grass. Most firm ground cleats now have either hard rubber or plastic bladed studs and a combination of bladed and conical studs to ensure proper traction for speed and stability. Artificial fields have become standard enough that FG cleats are a common option for well-used artificial pitches.

Best used for: Firm natural grass to soft turf, dry to damp.

Look for: boost™ technology for the most responsive cushioning on firm ground. Try out TOTAL CONTROL stud alignment for powerful speed control as you turn and attack the other side.

Artificial Turf Shoe – STADIUM and CAGE SERIES

Artificial turf shoes are specifically used on new artificial turf, indoor and outdoor. They typically feature a super low profile and an outsole evenly covered in a large amount of smaller rubber, conical-like studs for quick release and greater stability.

Best used for: any type of indoor or outdoor turf surface

Look for: a lightweight techfit® compression upper for instant fit and stability. Try a turf shoe designed with the TF chaos outsole for precision, power and traction when you cross the pitch.

Soft Ground Soccer Cleats

Men’s soft ground soccer cleats are worn on fields where it rains heavily and sometimes feature replaceable studs (cleats). Soft-ground cleats are less common as natural grass fields, especially in rainy climates, are being replaced with artificial grass.

Best used for: Soft, natural grass fields where heavy rain falls

Look for: Soccer shoes with more prominent blade-like cleats used for biting into damp or extremely wet pitches.


Shoes for: Indoor (IS), Artificial Turf (AT),

Artificial turf shoes can be worn on turf indoors or outdoors, making them a cross-series men’s soccer shoe between adidas Stadium and Cage. Indoor shoes stand out as the prominent soccer shoe to unleash speed in the adidas Cage series. 

Indoor Shoes (IS)

An indoor soccer shoe usually has a gum rubber flat outsole. They are created for playing indoor soccer or futsal in a gym or rec facility. Men’s indoor soccer shoes have a lower profile fit and look like a lightweight sneaker.

Best used for: Smooth flat surfaces on thin, low-profile carpet.

Look for: a lightweight, ventilated upper for breathability and a gum rubber sole to get your glide on.


Shoes for: Indoor (IS) Street

Men’s street soccer shoes are all about the pick-up game anywhere there’s a flat surface, or simply owning your game look off the pitch. 

Street Shoes

Men’s flat soccer shoes made of premium leather or a breathable nylon are the soccer shoe that lets the world know you’re serious about the game all day, every day.

Best used for: Firm concrete surfaces

Look for: a durable rubber outsole for grip and a super soft midsole for lightweight cushioning.