Workout Shoes for Women

Gear up with adidas women’s workout shoes that support your big goals. For whatever challenge you face, high-performance technologies help you take your active lifestyle to the next level.
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Workout shoes for women

You were made to move. Women's workout shoes from adidas provide support, comfort and style for all the things you do to stay fit. Choose shoes with energy-returning adidas Boost cushioning, springy adidas Bounce, or a hybrid midsole with targeted areas of each. 

Shoes made with adidas Lightstrike define the next generation of speed with a super-light midsole designed for dynamic movement. 4DFWD shoes have a precisely tuned lattice midsole that offers support and shock absorption. Cloudfoam offers plush cushioning for all-day comfort. Women's training shoes made with HEAT.RDY help you handle high temperatures with built-in ventilation. COLD.RDY styles have water-repellent uppers, warm insulation and outsoles with extra traction to keep you moving in wintry weather. Cycling shoes offer road performance and street versatility. Boxing shoes keep you light on your feet in the ring. Volleyball shoes provide support for every spike and dig. Weightlifting shoes keep you stable in the squat rack or on the lifting platform. Sandals, slides and clogs give feet a well-deserved rest after a tough workout. adidas x Stella McCartney combines sport performance with the designer's bold take on street style. 

Shoes inspired by your favorite movies and created with iconic toy companies and renowned designers inject a bit of fun into your daily workout. Women's gym shoes in college colors let you show support for your favorite team. You'll find the best of women's training sneakers when you shop adidas.

Workout Shoes for Women Frequently Asked Questions

The best shoes for working out depend on the specific type of workout and individual preferences. In general, it's recommended to choose workout shoes that provide good arch support, cushioning, stability and flexibility based on the exercises you'll be performing. For activities like weightlifting, shoes with a flat and stable sole are preferred. For activities involving cardio or high-impact movements, shoes with ample cushioning and shock absorption are beneficial. It's important to consider your specific workout needs and try on different options to find the shoes that offer the best support and comfort for your workouts.
For a home workout, it's important to wear shoes that provide comfort, support and stability. Opt for workout shoes or trainers that offer cushioning and flexibility to absorb impact and allow for a range of movements. Look for shoes with good arch support and a secure fit to help prevent injuries during exercises like jumping, lunging or quick changes in direction. Ultimately, choose workout shoes that feel comfortable on your feet and suit the specific activities you'll be doing during your home workout.
The difference between a training shoe and a running shoe lies in their design and intended use. Training shoes are versatile and designed for a variety of activities, including gym workouts, weightlifting and agility training. They provide stability, support and durability for multi-directional movements. Running shoes, on the other hand, are specialized for running. They prioritize cushioning, shock absorption and support for the repetitive impact of running. While both shoes offer comfort and support, training shoes excel in versatility, while running shoes excel in optimizing the running experience.