Kids' Football Cleats & Clothing

Kids' football clothes and shoes from adidas are built for serious young players who are looking to dominate whether it's fourth down of the championship game or running drills in off-season training sessions. adizero cleats are designed for moving and cutting at top speed and making game-breaking plays in the open field. Or get them set up in a pair of Freak cleats. With a rugged cleated outsole and high ankle support, Freak cleats are for players who put in their work at the line of scrimmage, no matter their age.

adidas Football Gear For Kids

Suit up your young star in our football gear for kids and watch them shine during practice and game day. Football cleats and shoes from adidas help maximize their potential and keep them comfortable on the field.

  • Grip the Ball: Kids' football clothes and cleats are just two pieces of a young football player's gear โ€” gloves are another. Kids can choose from padded, grippy gloves designed for different weather conditions and preferences.
  • Clothes Designed for Movement: Kids will move with ease in football pants that are made from stretchy fabric. Two roomy inner pockets allow them to easily slip in their protective pads.
  • Cleats Built for Speed: For the players who make cuts at top speed and game-breaking plays out in the open field. The lightweight and responsive Adizero is designed for speed and agility.
  • Adaptive Football Cleats for Kids: For the players who put in their work at the line of scrimmage. With a rugged cleated outsole and high ankle support, Freak cleats are designed for adaptive and springy performance.
  • Football Gear for off the Field: Young players and fans can flaunt their love of the game off the field. Kids' shirts from adidas with football graphics and signature athlete designs show their passion.

Set them up for success. The right football gear for kids can help young players achieve their goals, whether they're playing in a championship game or running drills in off-season training sessions.