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Comfortable, high-quality kids athletic shoes are essential for growing toddlers with active imaginations and competitive young athletes. Choosing quality shoes, from those first steps to the playground, then the classroom, and on to sports is critical. With the right shoe feel and support, your child’s feet will move and grow naturally. Follow our top four tips for finding the right shoes for stylin’ kids and toddlers who love to jump and sprint any time of day.

1. Every day run and play kid’s and toddler shoes

Kids can build confidence and play in style in comfortable, stable shoes like indoor soccer shoes or boat shoes, which are great for the classroom or active play dates. They provide a low profile for grounded stability and often have easy on and off Velcro fastening and a rubber outsole for extended durability.

2. Kid shoe size is everything

Immediate comfort should be expected when trying on shoes. Know your child’s shoe size by measuring their feet, with socks on, before making any guesses.

  • It’s best to measure at the end of the day when feet are at their largest, this is when your child is standing and the foot is compressed with their weight.
  • Trace an outline of their foot on a piece of paper to compare to an online shoe size chart.
  • Measure both feet, most people don’t have the same size of feet, including toddlers and kids.
  • Add more to your measurement for extra wiggle room for growing toes (experts advise that 1cm between the longest toe to the inside tip of a kids shoe is needed for feet to relax properly).

3. Choose sport-specific kid’s shoes

Kids athletic shoes are designed specifically based on the demands of that sport and will support their confidence and imagination during play. A running shoe will have extra cushioning in the midsole for constant, high-impact, forward movement. Yet, tennis shoes, like a cross-trainer are designed with more stability to support side-to-side motion and court slides. Sport-specific shoes may have traction-optimized soles for grass or gym floors. Get kids ready for the playing field in a pair of cleats to lock in for ground control versus a pair of runners that will only slide on slick grass. If your child needs extra ankle support on the soccer field look for kids soccer cleats that also have good heel stability. Check product details online or ask an expert in a store for help identifying the features you need.

4. Innovations for young athletes

Cool technologies aren’t just for the advanced athlete. A toddlers shoe with perforated panels along the upper provides strategic breathable comfort for little ones busy exploring their world. Lightweight EVA or polyurethane midsoles help absorb and disperse shock for budding athletes on the basketball court. Look for an outsole with flex grooves to allow natural foot movement, and keep in mind that rubber outsoles are naturally 100 percent waterproof, protecting feet from moisture so they’ll keep moving through those rain drops and puddles while their feet stay dry. 1.