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Men's Running Shoes

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Whether you’re an experienced male runner concentrated on dominating your next race or just getting started, our selection of men’s running shoes will empower you to run fast, confident and true. adidas running shoes for men feature technical designs that support every running style and surface, while aimed at helping you achieve your greatness.

Get the support you need with Primeknit uppers that wrap your foot with an engineered fit for targeted support or Forgedmesh uppers with strategic zones of reinforcement that support lateral as well as linear movement. Available in a spectrum of colors, you’ll be sure to find adidas men’s running shoes that fit your vibe. Go classic with men’s black running shoes or make a statement with louder colors that show your unique personality.


Whether you have neutral pronation or you supinate (commonly referred to as underpronation), the best shoes for your run are lightweight with supportive cushioning. Try running shoes for men with Boost midsoles. Our most responsive cushioning ever, Boost absorbs impact and returns it at push-off to propel you forward. If you’re switching up surfaces, look for all-terrain Continental™ Rubber outsoles which work like winter tires for your feet, providing grip and traction in all conditions, flexing underfoot for an energized ride.


With adidas Boost, you get out what you put in. The quest to create the perfect midsole material took decades of research and development, eventually resulting in industry-altering—and performance-enhancing—technology. After countless trials and hundreds of iterations, Boost midsoles launched in 2013, setting a new sneaker standard. Boost delivers immediate energy return, propelling runners forward while providing peak comfort.


Boost is constructed of small granular material (TPU) blown-up and turned into small energy capsules, which make up the distinctive midsole. With their unique cell structure, these springy energy capsules in your men’s running shoes store and unleash energy more efficiently in every step.

Frequently Asked Questions About Running Shoes

What is running shoe drop?

Running shoe drop is the difference between the height of the midsole beneath the heel and the forefoot under the ball of the foot. Lower drops will create a good midfoot strike, which can reduce impact compared to a heel strike, but will also require your Achilles tendon to work harder.

Should running shoes be flexible?

Flexibility is a crucial factor of running shoe fit as it allows the shoe materials to flex the same as your foot to provide support, cushioning and traction on various terrains. Flexibility is especially important in the front half of the shoe where more range of motion is needed, while the midsole and ankle areas provide more support and stability.

What should I wear for cross country running?

The best shoes for cross country running are designed to give you extra traction, speed and control while protecting your feet from uneven surfaces. These shoes are built with lightweight materials that still deliver stability and support while extra traction is provided by rubberized spikes.


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How To Clean adidas 4dfwd Running Shoes

adidas 4DFWD shoes are built to work as hard as you—and they'll last even longer with care. Here's how to clean 4DFWD shoesin the washer, by hand, and more.