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Men's Running Hats

Lightweight and breathable, men's running hats from adidas shield you from the sun as you rack up the miles. From caps to beanies, find the style for you.

adidas Men's Running Hats

A single morning run can involve rain, chill, heat and clear-blue skies. Be ready for all of it with men's running hats from adidas. They're designed for a range of conditions, with performance techs to keep you comfortable across the miles. Whether you're looking to keep the sun out of your eyes or the hair out of your face, we've got you covered. For staying cool or maintaining warmth, we've got hats to do the job. Most of our men's running caps come with sweatbands to help keep moisture out of your eyes. Snapback closures and adjustable straps let you find the perfect fit and allow you to make small adjustments during your run, if needed. Curved brims offer shade on treeless tracks and long afternoon road runs under sunny skies. Lightweight, breathable hats help keep you cool in hot conditions. Likewise, soft knit beanies ward off the chill when you're logging miles in cold weather.

When you're heading out for a long training run under sunny skies, a brimmed hat can help you stay on pace. Not only will it provide shade, but it can prevent sweat from trickling down and irritating your eyes. Check out our selection of men's running snapbacks to find the one that works best for you. Moisture-managing AEROREADY keeps you dry and comfortable so you can focus on your stride as you tick off the miles. Mesh panels add extra ventilation, and reflective details shine during early morning runs and evening training sessions when the light fades and you're still miles from home. Look for men's jogging hats with a non-glare undervisor that makes running on bright concrete easy on the eyes. A flat brim gives you the versatility of flipping it up when the sun goes down. No matter what design you choose, the snapback closure makes it easy to fine-tune the fit.

To take your running to the next level, you need to control as many factors as possible. Shading your face with a lightweight, breathable hat is easy to do and can pay off when it comes to staying comfortable and feeling strong on runs of any distance. Our men's running caps come with features designed to enhance your running experience. Look for a cap made with HEAT.RDY tech to keep you cool and comfortable when it gets so hot the pavement shimmers. If you're looking to keep your hair from overheating your neck, a hat with a hidden ponytail hole will do the trick. When you're heading away from home for a race, throw a packable hat in your bag and it'll maintain its shape when you take it out. If a visor is more your style, we've got those in our collection of men's running headwear, too. Lightweight fabric and mesh side panels keep you cool as you settle into your pace.

When the temperature drops, there's no reason to shelve your run, as long as you dress for the conditions. Pull on a lightweight, stretchy beanie and you're good-to-go. A hat can help you retain heat, which, in turn, keeps your core warm and allows you to run longer and feel comfortable, despite the chill. A low-profile beanie fits under a hood when you really need protection against the elements. Men's jogging hats come in lots of colors, from bright hues to subtle shades, so you can easily find one that suits your style. You can also choose from a variety of closures, including snapbacks, hook-and-loop and sliders. All of them allow you to adjust for a customized fit. Browse through our selection of men's running hats from adidas, today, and be prepared to run in all conditions.

Men's Running Hats Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it’s better to go running with a hat or without one is totally up to you. There are some advantages to running hats. They protect you from sun, rain, snow and cold. They keep long hair out of the way. When built with moisture-wicking liners or sweatbands, they help pull sweat away from your skin. And they look cool. But if wearing a hat feels uncomfortable, then it’s fine not to. Sunglasses are a good alternative for keeping sun and precipitation out of your eyes, and a headband will keep your ears warm.
It’s good to wear a running hat if you want shade from the sun or protection from rain or snow. Or wear one because it foils the paparazzi. Whether you prefer a beanie or a strap-back, a running hat will help keep long hair out of the way. Men’s running hats are also a good option if you want help moving sweat away from your head and eyes — look for moisture-wicking techs like adidas AEROREADY and HEAT.RDY.
Most men’s running caps are washable if you plan to wash by hand. Many are machine washable, usually in cold water on the delicate cycle. Acrylic knit caps and beanies can generally go in the machine, and some wool hats can too. Hang-drying is typically recommended for all of these, so plan for the drying time. Before washing your hat, check the care details on the tag or product page. Also consider putting your hat in a cap cage before tossing it into the machine (this mostly works for baseball-style caps).