Men's Running Sneakers

Lace up and feel the power of your stride in men's running sneakers from adidas. They hug your feet in supportive comfort for a smooth, responsive ride. Shop all styles and colors of men's running shoes today.
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adidas Men's Running Sneakers

Step up your game in adidas men's running sneakers. Designed to give you the foundations of greatness — the stepping stones to the finish line — adidas men's running shoes provide every advantage to get you running farther and faster than you thought possible. Plush underfoot cushioning is what sets our shoes apart, providing energy-transforming cushioning to propel you to your goals. adidas Boost is our front-runner when it comes to super-soft cushioning, created by fusing hundreds of adidas Boost capsules to create a midsole that is super responsive and propels you forward with a burst of energy in each step.

Flexible uppers will give your feet the support they need when racking up the miles, without restricting your freedom of movement. Check out adidas PRIMEKNIT if you want foot-hugging support with maximum flexibility. Our men's running shoes will give you the traction to stick to the roads too, so you can worry less about your gear and focus on every step ahead. From casual, everyday wearers to podium-chasing sprinters, find the perfect shoe to match your stride. Push past your limits and support yourself on the way to greatness. Lace up and feel the difference in every step with adidas men's running sneakers.

Men's Running Sneakers Frequently Asked Questions

In general, it’s always better to run in a shoe that was made for the purpose of running. Think about where you like to run (roads or trails), the weather you’ll be running in and the cushioning and support you prefer. Some runners may also need or prefer shoes that correct for overpronation for added stability on their runs. This is a feature that some running shoes have but sneakers don’t. Read more about choosing running sneakers on our blog.
It’s best to run in shoes that were designed for running. Running sneakers are built to support the heel-to-toe movement specific to running. Running shoes also typically provide cushioning, stability and heel support to ensure wearers are as comfortable as possible while they run. For proper support, make sure the shoes you plan to run in were made for running.
Training shoes and running shoes are designed for different kinds of movement. Training shoes are made to support activities where wearers move in multiple directions, such as jumping jacks, speed skaters and ankle hops. Running shoes are specifically made for the heel-to-toe forward motion of running. They provide comfort, stability and heel support to accommodate the repetitive impact of the sport. You can run in training shoes, but if running is your focus, a pair of running shoes will help you go the extra mile. adidas running sneakers come in many options to match your running style.