Men's Running Pants: Track Pants & Tights

From warm leggings to breathable track pants, find the right fit with men's running pants from adidas. They're made to keep you comfortable and ready for speed. Shop all running gear including shoes today.

adidas Men's Running Pants

Cold weather stiffness is a thing of the past in adidas men's running pants. Keeping warm on cold days is something every athlete has to think about. Nobody wants cold, stiff legs holding you back from being at your best. Here at adidas, we know how much impact getting cold when out on the track can have, so we designed men's running bottoms to combat every aspect of cold-weather running to get you running like it's warm again. The flexibility and support of all our bottoms means your flexibility and movement never come at a cost. The stretchy materials we use, combined with our innovative techs like COLD.RDY to trap in the heat or RAIN.RDY to seal out water and keep you dry, mean you'll be ready for every run no matter the weather.

Running tights and leggings will give you that extra layer of protection, while AEROREADY technology absorbs moisture and sweat to keep you dry all day long. When these things are paired with the streamlined fits of our running bottoms, you'll be able to run distraction-free and focus on every step ahead. Whether you're smashing your record times, jogging for fitness or dressing casually, our workout pants will keep you on top of your game and ready for anything thrown your way. Pair running pants with your favorite hoodie and sneakers for the ultimate athleisure style. Step in and find your stride. Stay comfy and practical wherever you go in adidas men's running pants.

Men's Running Pants Frequently Asked Questions

Running pants can be tight or relaxed, depending on your preference. The most important thing is to feel comfortable. You don’t want them so loose that they snag or get in your way. A lot of runners prefer to wear close-fitting tights for muscle support and fewer distractions.
adidas track pants are great for warmups, cool-downs, comfortable stretching and people-watching when you stop for morning coffee. But for running, choose a pair of pants or tights made specifically for running. Make sure they’re comfortable, allow for a range of motion and aren’t so loose that they’ll chafe or get in your way.
Any properly fitting athletic pants are good for running. Many runners choose running tights for support and a second-skin feel. Others run in track pants or sweat pants for added warmth. Look for running pants with moisture-absorbing technology like adidas AEROREADY, which helps manage sweat to keep you dry on your daily miles.