Cloudfoam Pure Shoes

The best shoes make every step feel better than the last. Explore the colorful selection of adidas Cloudfoam Pure shoes to find a style that really moves you.

adidas Cloudfoam Pure Shoes

We don't want to brag, but we're pretty confident that your feet will feel heavenly wearing Cloudfoam Pure shoes from adidas. We took a cue from running trainers and designed these ultra-cool kicks with your extreme comfort in mind. The textile upper, Cloudfoam midsole and memory foam sockliner mean you will stay your confidant, chill self while running errands, racing to appointments or power-walking with your bestie by the lake. Your feet will remain pain-free all day thanks to the lightweight design, breathable fit and premium cushioning under every step. They are like a warm and cozy hug for your tootsies! The lace closure ensures you can make them snug when you don't want to get tripped up and loosen them when your current mood is chill and laid-back. Whatever color combination suits your personality best, adidas has the Cloudfoam pure footwear to match your style.

A new school year means choosing new sneakers for your child, and with their slip-on construction and knit uppers, our Cloudfoam Pure tennis shoes are a definite shoo-in! Your little one is proud of their sporty style and doesn't want to miss an opportunity to show it off with pride, that's why the iconic 3-Stripes is featured on the side of every pair of adidas Cloudfoam Pure shoes. From the classroom to the playground to busy weekend days, these shoes will last through whatever your child can dream up. Life gets messy but cleaning up is a breeze: just use soft brushes to scrub off any stubborn dirt. Then use a lukewarm washcloth and mild detergent to gently wipe away any remaining stains. Rinse with a cloth dipped in warm water and dry the shoes at room temperature. Throw removable insoles and laces in a pillowcase and run them through the washing machine on cold/delicate cycle and voilà! Ready for the next adventure.

You've got your shoes picked out for the day, but oh, what to wear, what to wear? You need something that matches your Cloudfoam Pure 2.0 shoes. Don't fret, adidas has lots of Essentials to choose from. Maybe you're looking for laid-back comfort for a lazy afternoon? Our fleece hoodies help celebrate your love of sport and the sleek and solid colors coordinate effortlessly with your favorite everyday sneakers. 3-Stripes joggers are another streamlined option to add a touch of graceful ease to your outfit. Sprinkle in a dash of sophistication to this modern look as you go from HIIT class to city sidewalk to easy forest trail. Want to change up your Cloudfoam Pure footwear's look? Try colored laces to match the color of your tracksuit, experiment with a different lace design or go with the no-lace trend. The possibilities are endless when supporting your feet no longer compromises your style.

You love sports but your feelings about running are, well, less than passionate. Don't sweat it! We've designed our Cloudfoam Pure footwear to look just like running shoes with the comfort to last all day long. So, whatever your day holds, whether it be dancing at festivals, traveling the world or exploring your favorite cities, your feet deserve to feel great. And you won't need additional shoe inserts or insoles because Cloudfoam adds internal support exactly where you need it most–on your heel and arch. You can go on and on and on. Nothing stands in the way of your goals, and your footwear shouldn't either. So, pull on those track pants, zip-up that jacket and flash that Badge of Sport with pride. Watch out world, this is your moment! Give your feet a treat, and surround them in comfort with adidas Cloudfoam Pure shoes.