Cleats for Soccer, Football & Baseball


Cleats are essential for sports like soccer, footballand baseball. adidas has a large selection of cleats designed for superior grip and explosive speed on all types of surfaces, from firm ground to turf.

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A match tied in stoppage time. The bottom of the ninth. Overtime. These are the moments that define legends. When every second, play and position could decide the course of history. Make the most of them by wearing adidas cleats. Find your perfect pair from our range of baseball, football and soccer cleats. Each type is built with game-specific technologies to outwork the opponent. adidas cleats help you create more grip, speed, and control. Which could mean the difference between outplaying your opponent or the game outplaying you. History is written by the victors. So, win.


Speed, control, and finesse. Playmaking moves can be made faster, fiercer, and more agile with adidas soccer cleats. Dare to create in iconic silhouettes like Copa or Predator that help creators unlock their skills. adidas cleats bring new technologies that offer an extra dimension of intricate touch, secured fit, and natural feel needed to make plays that own the pitch.


There are those who play the game. Then there are those who change it. Join the latter with adidas football cleats. Choose between Adizero, the lightest cleat in football or the Freak cleat, built for the games biggest hitter’s. Adizero is engineered for speed to amplify nimble cuts and pivots, and rushes to dominate the line of scrimmage. Freak cleats provide mid-cut support with a low-cut feel. You’ll be able to turn and stop on a dime, on your way to becoming an icon.


When it comes down to the wire, baseball becomes a matter of seconds and inches. Make them count with the adidas baseball cleats best for you. For those who want the agility of the lightest cleat in the game, opt for the Adizeros. For those who prefer extra cushioning, the Icons are the pair to have. Factor in the ground-biting spikes under both that grip loose surfaces and you’ll go into every game with a winning formula. The instant ball meets bat, it’s liftoff.