Predator Cleats

Boss the field in adidas Predator cleats. Specialist outsoles keep you confident on all surfaces, and signature forefoot elements put you in charge of the ball.
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adidas Predator Cleats

Since making their debut in 1994, adidas Predator cleats have prowled the soccer field in many forms. Created to help players control the ball and dominate matches, they have evolved over the decades, finding new ways to improve skills. Worn by some of the greatest players in the beautiful game's history, those early models included icons like the Accelerator, Precision, Mania and Absolute. After taking a few years off, Predator made its comeback in 2017. Packed with modern technologies and features, names like Mutator, Freak and Edge became the new stars.

Through the decades and across all the transformations, though, the Predator's primary goal has never altered. Whether it's the reptilian ridges of the original, the spiky Demonskin spines of the Freak, or the neatly aligned ribs on the Edge, Predator cleats exist to enhance your influence over the ball. Inspired by the rubber on table tennis paddles, those forefoot technologies are all about increasing your grip through every pass and shot — and more grip means more power, swerve and control. So if you need to increase your dominance on the soccer field or in the cage, browse our current range of adidas Predator cleats today and take charge of every game.