Indoor Soccer Shoes

Indoor soccer cleats feature a gum rubber sole designed for hard and smooth courts; they are non-marking, flexible, and provide maximum grip on various flat surfaces.

adidas Indoor Soccer Shoes

From dirt lots to indoor turf, the beautiful game is played anywhere and everywhere. adidas makes indoor soccer shoes designed to help you play your best in the arena. What makes an indoor shoe an indoor shoe? It's all in the outsole. Unlike firm-ground cleats, indoor soccer shoes are spikeless. Indoor playing surfaces include anything from turf to the flat, hard surface of a gym floor. Our turf soccer shoes come with lug rubber outsoles that are optimized for high traction on artificial grass, and our futsal shoes ride on gum rubber outsoles tuned for hard, flat surfaces. Choose from bold laceless styles to a more traditional design like the Samba or Copa Mundial. adidas indoor soccer shoes come in the same main four franchises as our firm-ground cleats: Predator for control and swerve, X for blistering speed, Copa for a smooth first touch and Game Mode for self-expression. There's no one best indoor soccer shoe — there's only the best shoe for your playing style.

Shoes like the Predator feature a midfoot wrap for a snug fit, control elements on the forefoot that keep the ball glued to your feet and outsoles designed to amplify traction on flat surfaces. Built for speed, X feels featherlight. The designs are minimalist, so nothing holds you back. adidas Copa indoor shoes amplify touch, so they feature premium leather details on the upper. And Game Mode is our most affordable option, offered in the widest range of colors and graphics so you showcase your style on the pitch. Beyond our four main franchises, one of our most iconic indoor soccer sneakers is the Samba. Crafted with premium materials and classic design details, the adidas Samba indoor soccer shoes make a statement, whether you're defending your team in the indoor arena or showing your spirit from the stands. Released in 1950 as a winter training shoe designed with enough traction to keep players moving on frozen ground, adidas Sambas have been a casual soccer favorite for generations. With every piece of adidas footwear — from the first Predators released in 1994 to the indoor soccer cleats of today — we innovate to create the best soccer gear for lovers of the game at all levels around the world. Lace up adidas indoor soccer shoes, and make your mark on the game.

Indoor Soccer Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Indoor soccer shoes, also known as futsal shoes, are designed specifically for playing soccer on indoor courts. They feature a non-marking rubber outsole that provides excellent grip without leaving marks on the surface. Indoor soccer shoes also have a low-profile design for better ball control and enhanced maneuverability in tight spaces.
While it is technically possible to wear soccer cleats for indoor soccer, it is generally not recommended. Soccer cleats have longer and more pronounced studs designed for use on grass fields, which can cause discomfort and may damage the indoor court. It's better to use dedicated indoor soccer shoes for optimal performance and safety.
The main difference between indoor soccer shoes and turf shoes lies in the outsole design. Indoor soccer shoes have a flat, non-marking rubber sole for optimal traction on indoor courts. Turf shoes, on the other hand, have rubber nubs or small studs for traction on artificial turf surfaces. The choice depends on the specific playing surface.