Forum Shoes: High, Mid, and Low Top

Whether its a crisp, clean high top or a neon low top, the adidas Forum collection has a shoe for everyone. With a classic silhouette getting its inspiration from the hardwood, find the right look to add to your closet today.
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adidas Forum Shoes

Not every classic needs a total overhaul. Afterall, the adidas Forum is considered timeless for a reason. But it’s now been modernized with subtle tweaks that maintain its original hardwood inspiration and bring it into today and beyond. The straps are removable, so you can switch up your style from day to day. And the toe cut is narrower, so the fit and feel is super comfortable while still keeping its retro-inspired vibe. The Forum comes in low, mid, and high versions, allowing you to choose the exact cut that fits your style. Jeans, joggers, tights, or shorts, it pairs with your unique aesthetic seamlessly. Pick up a neutral pair of triple-whites for a clean, crispy look. Or add some pops of color with tonal design details, and when you really want to make a bold statement, you’ll find Forum varieties that include graphics, neon, patterns, and materials like satin and mesh to add a new dimension to your next outfit. The options are limitless, so shop the reimagined adidas Forum and embrace the new old school.

Forum Size Guide

Curious about where to start with adidas Forum sizing?Look no further to learn about how the iconic sneakers fit before even trying them on.

Forum Shoes: High, Mid, and Low Top Frequently Asked Questions

The adidas Forum basketball shoe debuted in 1984. It was produced in high, mid and low-cut versions — a first for an adidas B-ball shoe. Since then, the Forum has become a staple of basketball footwear and a crossover streetwear classic with many iterations over the years.
The adidas Forum fits more or less true to size, staying snug and narrow above the ball of the foot. For reference, it's a bit wider than the Stan Smith, with a chunkier construction and an upper than can stretch over time. If your Forums feel too tight, try going up a half-size. Learn more at the adidas Forum size guide.
Yes, you can remove the strap from adidas Forum mid, low and high shoes. The ankle strap at the top of the shoe is designed to add support for quick moves on the court. But if it's not your style, you can simply take it off. (Some adidas Forum versions, like the Forum Bold, don't have a strap to begin with.)