Make Sport Equal
We're striving to change the game and make sport more accessible, equitable and safe for underrepresented communities.
we strive to make sport accessible
We adapt and evolve the foundation of sport so all can participate.
We turn barriers into opportunities whether building physical spaces of the future, connecting with communities to co-create supportive programs and initiatives, or ensuring our product is more inclusive than ever.
we strive to make sport more equitable
We ensure sport reflects and celebrates the communities and marketplace we serve.
It is our ambition that everyone experiences fair play and equal representation in sport, whether on and off the pitch or in the locker rooms and beyond.
We protect sport as a place of physical and psychological wellness for all.
It's our ambition that sport be physically and psychologically safe, so all can be fully themselves, and free of abuse or harassment of any kind.
We’re developing and collaborating on programs that shape the lives of people in underrepresented communities through sport. By understanding their needs, we work to help them play freely. Whether it’s safety for nighttime female runners or improving accessibility for all, our vision to Make Sport Equal means creating a space where everyone has the same starting line.
gender inclusivity
From representation to safety and accessibility we're working to eliminate the barriers women around the world face in sport.
racial equality
Through more access and safety, we're helping break down barriers for historically underrepresented communities everywhere.
LGBTQIA+ community
We team up with leading organizations to make programs that invite and celebrate everyone, exactly as they are.
We're working to ensure that people of all abilities have equal access to sport. That means creating accessible and inclusive safe spaces and opportunities to play.
Sport has the power to change lives. From communities to individual players, we share inspirational stories of making sport equal.
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our partners & PROGRAMS
Making Sport Equal can't be done alone. So we're teaming up and co-creating with changemakers to develop programs for real, lasting impact.
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seasonal feature
Making sport equal for girls: How adidas breaking barriers project is changing the game in Europe.
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diversity, equity & inclusion
Creating culture, together. On the field or in our organization, we need fresh perspectives, open conversations and passion to make sport a place where everyone is represented and welcome.
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