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adidas Gazelle Women's Shoes

adidas women's Gazelle sneakers are a timeless classic. Pick up a pair of Gazelles in your favorite color today and dress them up - or down - with jeans, joggers, shorts or leggings.
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adidas Women's Gazelle Shoes

Since they first hit the scene in 1968, adidas women's Gazelle shoes have been a staple of the adidas pantheon of classic footwear. Designed initially as a trainer, Gazelles quickly gained traction as a street-style favorite of women across the globe. Pushing the boundaries with a fresh suede upper instead of leather, women's Gazelle sneakers blazed a trail to lighter-weight shoes that maintain both style and function. Now, with such a rich history, the new line of women's Gazelles can pay homage to their roots while benefiting from the technological advances adidas makes in footwear on a daily basis. The suede nubuck uppers with the Gazelle's signature serrated 3-Stripes detail, T-toe overlay, heel patch and rubber outsole are recognized everywhere as vintage adidas. With so many color options and collabs to choose from, you'll want to stock up. Each pair is a chance to express a different part of who you are.

Sometimes the best way to make a statement is with understated style. Women's Gazelle shoes are unassuming and work with whatever you have on. Wear them casually with leggings or shorts when you're out to work, running errands or meeting up with friends for brunch. Juxtapose their casual vibe with a dress or skirt so you can maintain your cool and casual personality when you go out. The best thing about women's Gazelle sneakers is that they have nothing to prove anymore. You don't have to weigh whether or not they will work with your outfit, because they've already shown that they do. You can just throw them on and go. Find a color that works with your wardrobe, or go bold and pick a color that defines your outfit. Vibrant or subtle, strong or subdued, there are colors and color combinations for any occasion and every event.

adidas is an OG brand when it comes to streetwear. Whether you're going for throwback vibes or a future-defining aesthetic, adidas ups your credibility in all circles. adidas women's Gazelle shoes are essential footwear for sneaker lovers, as well as the casual consumer. They are functional and simple, straightforward with who they are and what they do. You can wear them to the warehouse rave or to the warehouse sale. You can slip them on and off as you dance at the outdoor music festival or wear them casually through the outdoor farmer's market. There are no rules. Just you. You set the terms for how you move in the world. You define your look. Women's Gazelle tennis shoes can fit whatever style you define. Their simplicity makes them versatile. Their lack of embellishment makes them easy to pair with whatever you have on in the moment. Women's Gazelle shoes fit how you are.

The sign of a true classic is its ability to connect across time and generations. With more than five decades of use, women's Gazelle shoes have reached true classic glory. After they were initially built as athletic shoes in 1968, they re-emerged again in 1991 to become one of the most popular sneakers in early '90s streetwear. With the women's Gazelle 1991 reissue in 2016, adidas has proven once again that true greatness lives outside of time. Despite the ebb and flow of fashion and taste, Gazelles have stuck with their basic original look. The simple suede upper and serrated 3-Stripes are instantly recognized and respected. And with new advancements in technology perpetually being discovered, each iteration gets more comfortable and attuned to what your feet really need. Step into a tried-and-true classic. Treat your closet to options when you look through and choose your next pair of adidas women's Gazelle shoes.