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adidas / February 23, 2024
4 Minute Read
On The Move: Stealing a Base 101

Thievery at its finest. Huddle up with adidas and learn the ins and outs of stealing a base.

adidas / February 22, 2024
5 Minute Read
Lift Off: Weightlifting vs. Powerlifting 101 

The confusion ends here. Learn the difference between weightlifting and powerlifting with adidas. Don’t worry, we’ll spot you.

adidas / February 15, 2024
5 Minute Read
Basketball Size Guide For All Ages

Grab the right basketball for your game with our quick and easy guide. 

adidas / February 15, 2024

What are our most comfortable running shoes out there? In our (humble) opinion, the Supernova is the perfect shoe for the everyday runner—here’s why.

adidas / January 24, 2024
5 Minute Read
6 At-Home Quad Exercises To Try

Join adidas athletes Alix Klineman and Katie Holloway Bridge for an at-home quad workout. Uncover six quad exercises you can do from the comfort of your home.

adidas / November 13, 2023
5 Minute Read
Most Popular Adidas Shoe In Your State

50 states filled with adidas. Find out which adidas shoe is most popular in your state.

adidas / November 07, 2023
5 Minute Read
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 adidas Collab: Where Gaming Meets Real-World Fashion

The Miles Morales Ultra 4D Mid Evolved sneaker is here, and we're taking you behind the scenes with us, Marvel and Insomniac Games to talk about the inception of this shoe.

adidas / November 01, 2023
Return Trip: The Birth Of Clot & The Evolution Of Edison Chen

Edison Chen is a bridge. A bridge between East and West, between cultures and creatives. He’s a bridge between then and now, now and next—a bridge between ideas and realities, challenges and opportuni...

adidas / October 31, 2023
5 Minute Read
5 Pelvic Floor Exercises For Strength

Feel balance and power in your pelvic floor. Practice these five mindful pelvic floor exercises to strengthen and reconnect with this part of your body.

adidas / September 19, 2023
We Gave the World a Superstar: The Brief History of a Timeless Original

For over five decades, the adidas Originals Superstar shoe has been a symbol of timeless fashion and athletic progress. From its roots as a basketball shoe to its global recognition in the world of st...

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