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Yoga / May 30, 2023
How To Sync Your Cycle to Your Exercise Routine

The phases of the menstrual cycle create fluctuating hormones—so should you adapt your workouts to match? Find out from Dr. Michelle Sang and Abbey Sharp, R.D. 

adidas / May 25, 2023
Let Love Be Your Legacy

Love for equality is love for the game

adidas / May 09, 2023
Spring At Coachella: The Bad Bunny adidas Campus Experience

At this year’s Coachella, adidas and Bad Bunny transformed the desert into spring to celebrate the release of the adidas x Bad Bunny Campus Wild Moss.

adidas / April 27, 2023
2023 Trend Check: Bloke-Core

Wondering what to wear in 2023? We got you covered.

adidas / April 24, 2023
Prenatal Workouts: 6 Exercises To Stay Active

Enjoy movement and feel strong with these six pregnancy-friendly exercises from prenatal specialist Amy Schemper.

adidas / April 19, 2023
Postpartum Exercises: 6 Ways To Get Moving Again

Meet your body where it’s at with six balanced postpartum exercises to enjoy movement and gain strength.

adidas / April 18, 2023
Health And Hiking: 10 Benefits Of Hitting The Trail

Explore the outdoors and get fit while doing it. Step outside with adidas and learn the benefits of hiking.

adidas / April 10, 2023
Hip Hop's Superstar: How Music Influenced Sneaker Style

Since entering the hip-hop scene in its early stages, adidas has evolved alongside the community. As hip-hop culture so have the Superstars.

adidas / March 09, 2023
Trail Running Shoes Vs. Hiking Shoes

These shoes were made for trekkin’. Check out our hiking shoe guide and decide whether trail runners or hiking shoes are going with you on your next adventure.

adidas / February 15, 2023
How Long Does It Take To Walk A Mile

Reboot your fitness settings and learn how long it takes to walk a mile, so you can head into the new year with confidence and the ability to walk a mile easier than ever before.

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