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adidas / April 15, 2021
Stan Smith Mylo™: Made Using Mushrooms

Stan Smith Mylo™, adidas’ latest concept shoe, introduces a mushroom-based material.

adidas / April 09, 2021
3 Minute Read
Dance Outfit Ideas for Every Style

Five, six, seven, eight! Get inspired by dance class outfit ideas for hip hop, contemporary, K-Pop and more, and curate your signature dancer style with adidas.

adidas / April 09, 2021

Roll along with Nora as she introduces us to her passion for expression via skate and art, talks about what it means to live an authentic life, and how she’s pushing boundaries for female skaters arou...

adidas / April 01, 2021
Hiking on the Fly – The joy of unplanned outdoor adventures

Planning is overrated. The real fun comes when you just drop and go. With the TERREX Swift R3, you’ve the perfect shoe to do just that.

adidas / March 29, 2021
7 Minute Read
How to Use a Foam Roller: 10 Moves for Maximum Recovery

Start your recovery right with ten trainer-led ways to use a foam roller. Learn why foam rolling works and how you can do it every day for maximum benefits.

adidas / March 25, 2021
4 Minute Read
What to Wear to Indoor Cycling Class: Outfit Ideas for Everyone

Ready to try an indoor cycling class? Before putting your foot to the pedal, learn what to wear to class with this adidas guide for men and women.

adidas / March 23, 2021
4 Minute Read
Physical Activities for Kids at Home

Need to burn some energy and get your little ones active? Try these fun indoor physical activities for kids that you can do at home with limited space.

adidas / April 08, 2021

Get to know the many facets of the in-arena host of the Brooklyn Nets, founder and CEO of Love Squad, Peloton instructor, and adidas ambassador.

adidas / March 15, 2021
3 Minute Read
Why is Hydration Important? Tips to Stay Hydrated

From workouts to daily life, hydration is important for every cell of the human body. Get tips from adidas on how to properly hydrate for sports and beyond.

adidas / March 12, 2021
3 Minute Read
What Makes Ultraboost a Great Running Shoe

What are Ultraboosts good for? Running, first and foremost. Built on runners’ insights, here’s how Ultraboost running shoes can add energy return to every step.

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