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How To Style A Soccer Jersey

From sporty to flirty to polished, the soccer jersey is a surprisingly versatile wardrobe hero. Get inspired on how to style a jersey in five totally unique ways.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand kicks off this July, with 32 teams facing off on the biggest stage in the hopes of taking home the title. In anticipation of the monthlong tournament, take inspiration from these world-class athletes and pull one of their on-pitch essentials into your own wardrobe: the soccer jersey. Regardless of your personal style aesthetic, it’s easier than you might think to pair a jersey with your favorite pieces.
To most effectively fuse sport and fashion, we teamed up with wardrobe stylist Amelia Johnson to get the scoop on how to style a jersey with items you might already have in your closet. The result? Five distinct outfits that officially convinced us soccer jerseys (and jerseys from all our favorite sports) deserve a more prominent place in our style rotations.

Styling Soccer Jerseys Five Different Ways

Here are unique ways to create an outfit with a soccer jersey as the star, for various occasions and style sensibilities. From FIFA Women’s World Cup watch parties to your next night out with friends, we invite you to get inspired and put your own spin on how to style a jersey. 

Look 01: The Night Out Jersey

Anyone who regularly finds themselves stepping out in the evening hours likely has a section of their closet reserved for what’s culturally referred to as “going out tops.” But it’s time to give those often-body-skimming, strappy styles a break and turn to a more unexpected item—an oversized soccer jersey, which looks amazing when paired with voluminous pants.
“In this case we’re veering away from a form-fitted silhouette so that the outfit is fluid and moves with her,” Johnson explained. “If you can, find a voluminous pant that gives you something unexpected—metallic tones, a sheen, or print—that complements the jersey and feels right for a night out.”
When it comes to the finer points of how to style an oversized jersey, Johnson recommends wearing it untucked to reinforce the relaxed vibe and balancing the look with sleek, tonal accessories. Consider adding an on-trend handbag and simple but statement-making jewelry. Gold or silver work equally well, just try to match with the hardware featured on your bag.
Complete the look with a pair of simple heels, like the slingback kitten heel style shown here. “Don’t be afraid to pull in a pop of color, pattern, or logo play via some socks paired with your heel,” Johnson added.

Look 02: The Flirty Jersey

Infusing sport gear with a big dose of flirty, feminine energy is another method of leaning into the unexpected in a way that really works.
“Pairing a short, pleated skirt with more of a masculine jersey lightens the overall look,” Johnson said. “Then we added even more girly touches with the accessories—like the frill on the socks and a pearl necklace.” The result is playful and bold, but still super attainable since you need just a few items.
Want to add even more interest? Layering a patterned blouse beneath the soccer jersey is an easy way to add a feminine edge. “Play with patterns and textures, and don’t be afraid of a power clash,” said Johnson. “When the tones and colors have continuity, it comes together—here it’s the green carried through every piece. Pick a color you’ve got and run with it.”
Finish off the look by throwing on your fave pair of sneakers (we went with a Samba) and you’re good to go. They’ll bring balance and keep the vibe rooted in sport, not to mention offer all-day comfort.

Look 03: The Athleisure Jersey

These days, it’s easy to reach for a sweatsuit thanks to modern iterations that successfully blend cozy, lounge-ready fabrics with street-worthy style. They’re a go-to for relaxed weekends, travel days, and other occasions when we don’t want to sacrifice comfort for fashion.
But we still see an opportunity to remix how we wear these athleisure pieces when you want to take the style factor even further— so of course we had to style a soccer jersey with some comfy coordinating separates. After all, what could be a more fitting look for casual Women’s World Cup watch parties with your crew?
“This one’s simple,” Johnson noted. “If you have a tonal matching sweat set, breathe new life into it with a soccer jersey thrown over the top.” Here, Johnson picked a warm weather-appropriate short and hoodie set in a neutral color, paired with a solid-colored soccer jersey.
Accessories help further amp up the pieces. “Add a bright sneaker for a fun pop of color, and voila,” said Johnson. And don’t shy away from additional layering. “You could throw a denim jacket over the top for a casual-cool look.”

Look 04: The Polished Jersey

Wondering how to style a soccer jersey in a more elevated way? A pair of well-tailored trousers or denim is the ticket.
“Plaid, pinstripe, solid, whatever—but find a structured pant,” Johnson said. “And for a more formfitting silhouette, tuck the jersey in to accentuate the waist.” If the pants have a cropped hem like we’ve featured here, Johnson loves pairing a colored sock and a fun sneaker. We’re partial to a platform style like this Gazelle, “and you can easily dress the look up from day to night by swapping in a pair of heels.”
Sleek hair and makeup plus simple, modern jewelry don’t pull too much focus from the jersey, and as for accessories, Johnson recommends a similarly minimalist approach to achieve an elevated result. “Opt for a leather belt or bags that will add polish—bonus points if it’s a cool vintage piece.”

Look 05: The Sporty Jersey

If you think of a soccer jersey and your mind immediately goes to images of it being worn while playing the sport, we’d say that makes a whole lot of sense. But going for a sporty vibe when styling a soccer jersey doesn’t have to look like you’ve just rolled off the pitch.
The idea here is to pull from other sports gear you’ve got in your closet—think running shorts, leggings, or bike shorts. Johnson likes to layer for dimension and interest and reached for a form-fitting bike short worn under a looser pair of shorts to give the activewear an intentional look. “The oversized pockets on this pair lend a fun, casual spin, plus keep your essentials close as you run around town.”
Keep the layering going in your accessories. “Layered necklaces and stacked bracelets bring a feminine touch to this sporty look—throw a couple of your favorites on and have fun with it.” This look is also a prime place to play with makeup; we love the coordinating eyeliner that reinforces the bright green on the soccer jersey and the yellow of the shorts.
Johnson has one more recommendation when it comes to footwear. “Wearing a high-rise sock with your sneakers helps pull the eye down from the top half of your body to the feet. It’s an elongating effect.”

The Soccer Jersey, Styled Your Way

Feeling inspired to mix a soccer jersey—or any jersey for that matter—into your wardrobe? The key is to make it totally your own by pairing it with your favorite pieces that encapsulate your individual sense of style—whether that’s super-sporty, a little flirty, ultra-polished, or somewhere in-between.
The first step is to grab a jersey, so shop one in your go-to color or rep your favorite team!