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In the heat of the moment, your gear can’t hold you back. adidas adizero shoes and cleats are ultralight and responsive, keeping you focused on your goals no matter how hard you push it.

Running White Adizero Adios Pro 2.0 ShoesRunning White Adizero Adios Pro 2.0 Shoes

Adizero Adios Pro 2.0 Shoes


Women's Running White Adizero Boston 10 ShoesWomen's Running White Adizero Boston 10 Shoes

Adizero Boston 10 Shoes

Women's Running

Men's Running Blue Adizero Boston 9 ShoesMen's Running Blue Adizero Boston 9 Shoes

Adizero Boston 9 Shoes

Men's Running

Men's Running White Adizero RC 3 Tokyo ShoesMen's Running White Adizero RC 3 Tokyo Shoes

Adizero RC 3 Tokyo Shoes

Men's Running

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Get Moving in adidas Adizero Shoes

Train for anything and everything and do it with speed in adidas Adizero shoes and cleats. Shed the excess weight and pick up the pace whether you’re training for your favorite sport or your next race. adidas Adizero cleats and sneakers have featherweight, flexible uppers so you can go harder without burning out. Responsive Boost and snappy Lightstrike cushioning soften every step even as you log more and more miles. Round the bases and fly across the field in lightweight adidas Adizero cleats. Shop adidas Adizero shoes and cleats online to find your next level of speed.