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Kids' Golf Clothes & Shoes

Set them up for success with kids' golf clothes and shoes from adidas. Find head-to-toe essentials that deliver comfort, style and versatility.
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Complete kids’ golf attire for full comfort on the course

You’re never too young to wear comfortable and elegant golf attire, and this well-designed protective kids’ golf gear will give your children the support they need as they learn the best technique to swing the golf club. From clothing, such as Pants, polo shirts for summer and lightweight sweatshirts for the cooler weather, to shoes that offer maximum traction outdoors, you will be able to pick between girl and boy styles and cuts with a wide range of sizes to ensure you can find the perfect outfit - no matter your kid’s age.

Golf clothing for kids designed for optimal support

Nothing is left to chance in this adidas selection of kids’ golf clothing and every item is designed with the utmost care to provide optimal support for your child. When it comes to clothing, the fabric used is of special importance as it needs to be soft to protect your kid’s skin, moisture absorbing to keep them dry using special adidas technologies, and protective, such as styles with UV protection incorporated. As for footwear, a lightweight sock-liner will add comfort to every step, while the use of a high gripping outsole, such as Traxion, will give the shoe optimal grip and additional confidence every time your child steps on the golf course.

Style it up from a young age

Style knows no age and the golf course is a great place for your child to show off their personality. Go for the classic look and choose clothing in white, or add a bit of energy to their outfit with some colorful items, such as bright shoes or sweatshirt. Don’t forget to pick items that will make their time playing golf easier, such as a jacket with a full zip that they can quickly slip on or off ensuring they don’t miss precious golf minutes.