Golf Belts

Accessorize your look with golf belts to match your on-course style. adidas has stretch webbing, braided, reversible and 3-Stripes belts made for golf.

adidas Golf Belts

There's no underestimating the power of distraction-free focus on the course. Make sure your pants or shorts are comfortable and secure with one of our golf belts. Don't let loose pants interfere with your game. Make sure your full attention is on the ball and your stance. We have a golf belt to match all of your favorite golf wear. A clean and classic black belt goes with shorts and pants of any color. And you can wear it any time of the year on any course. Reversible golf belts offer two-in-one versatility. An adjustable buckle and just the right amount of stretch to the belt let you find the right fit that keeps your pants in place and still lets your body move without restriction as you flex and twist through your swing or crouch to read the green. Given all of our golf belt options, you're sure to find one or two or three that complement your favorite golf uniform.

Whether you are suiting up for a social round with friends or looking to climb the leaderboard on tournament day, the golf clothes you choose set the tone for fun and success each day. Loose pants or shorts are sure to be a hassle for any round of golf. An adidas golf belt is easy insurance for keeping your pants right where you like them. We have woven belts, leather belts, reversible belts and webbing belts, all with just the right amount of stretch for a fit that moves with you. Most importantly, we have belts in a wide range of colors to match your golf style. Choose from neutral-color belts like white, black and grey, or go for a classic navy or tan golf belt. Regardless of color, you will find belts that are easy to adjust, with the stretch to match your body's movements as you twist, kneel or crouch on the course. Accessorize your golf uniform with a belt to match your style.

Long, powerful drive or short technical putt, full focus is paramount on tournament day. Shaving strokes is the path to climbing the leaderboard, and golf clothes that fit and feel great play a real role in your performance. Make sure your pants or shorts stay right where you like them with a leather golf belt from adidas. Durable and classic, a leather belt will literally last a lifetime. From your shoes to your choice of cap, every piece of golf apparel plays a role in keeping you focused on your game. The right golf belt not only keeps your pants in place and you focused on the next drive or putt, but it also helps tie your golf uniform together. A classic webbing belt maintains a low-key look and lets you find the right fit to match your style of play. Whether you prefer a leather, woven or stretch webbing design, adidas has golf belts to match every golf kit.

You can only play as good as you feel. And feeling great starts with dressing the part. From head to toe, choosing the right golf uniform sets the stage for a relaxed and comfortable day on the course. Never discount the importance of the right fit and feel to your pants or shorts. A golf belt with just the right amount of stretch lets you dial in comfort that moves with you as you twist, move and flex through each drive. Whether you're bending over to set a tee or crouching to read the green, keep your pants right where they should be with a belt that matches your style. If you like to walk a full 18 holes, you know the importance of clothes that let you move without restriction and stay right where you want them to all day long. There's no need to compromise on your style just to keep your pants fitting comfortably. Seize the game by setting yourself up for success with every detail of the day. Shop for golf belts that feel as great as they look right here at adidas golf.

Golf Belts Frequently Asked Questions

Golf belts come in a variety of materials ranging from traditional leather to modern materials like polyester and synthetic leather. Because their main function is to hold golf pants in place without sacrificing mobility and comfort, they're often designed to be lightweight. Many of them incorporate stretch. Buckles or clamp closures offer adjustability.
Professional golfers wear a wide variety of golf belts based on personal preference. Because golf belts are a means of self expression, you'll see the pros wearing everything from luxe snakeskin to classic leather and colorful synthetic belts while they play. What these belts all have in common is that they keep pants and polos comfortably in place without inhibiting a golfer's swing. Find out which of our belts to wear with this guide on what to wear golfing.
When choosing a golf belt, start with the basics. The golf belts you choose should fit well, feel comfortable and hold your pants in place. It's helpful to look at belts that are purpose-built for golf, which are often lightweight, supportive and sometimes stretchy. From there, consider your personal style. You might gravitate toward durable leather, subdued colors or statement-making prints. This part is up to you.