Men's Hiking Gear


Nothing beats a great day on the trail in men’s hiking gear that improves your performance and boosts your confidence. Find everything you need to make your time on the hill the best it’s ever been.

Men's TERREX Black Terrex Swift R3 Hiking ShoesMen's TERREX Black Terrex Swift R3 Hiking Shoes

Terrex Swift R3 Hiking Shoes


Men's TERREX Black Terrex Zupahike Hiking PantsMen's TERREX Black Terrex Zupahike Hiking Pants

Terrex Zupahike Hiking Pants


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adidas Men’s Hiking Gear

The first step may be the hardest, but adidas men’s hiking gear is built to help you take it all in stride. Terrex hiking boots are rugged and durable, providing secure traction on rough and muddy trails. Opt for hiking boots with water-resistant uppers so you won’t have to tiptoe around muddy puddles. SUMMER.RDY sneakers are lightweight and breathable for long hikes on hot days. HEAT.RDY apparel keeps you cool as you trek up that steep incline. Stay warm on early morning starts or higher elevations in an insulated COLD.RDY jacket. Lightweight rain jackets are easy to carry with you and pack away quickly when the sun comes back out. Shop adidas for the men’s hiking gear you need for your next adventure.