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Stay warm, dry and exploring with hiking jackets for trail and town. Look to adidas for waterproof styles, versatile fleece jackets and the warmth of down.
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adidas Hiking Jackets

When the weather's foul but you're dying to get out, hiking jackets from adidas are designed to help you do just that. Set your sights on the trail ahead and take your first step knowing you'll feel dry and comfortable all the way to the summit. Styles made with RAIN.RDY block out wind and water, so you can move at whatever pace you like without feeling cold or wet. Waterproof styles take on the elements and handle the harshest conditions. When heading into the mountains, it's essential to bring gear that accommodates your needs. Our selection of hiking parkas features advanced, outdoor-proven technologies. Styles with ample pockets let you carry everything you need for exploring, from snacks to a map to your keys. Jackets with breathable builds make sure you don't overheat on the trail. And as for keeping your head dry, jackets with stow-away hoods let you pull the hood out or tuck it away depending on the weather.

For adventuring outdoors in frigid temperatures, our outdoor jackets designed for cold weather are a must-have. Whether you're hiking in the snow above the tree line or you're navigating the trail in an icy wind, having the right insulation against your skin makes all the difference. Jackets made with adidas COLD.RDY feature advanced insulation to keep you extra warm while exploring. Styles with overlapping baffles reduce cold spots as you hike, delivering uniform warmth. For mountaineering adventures at high elevation, consider jackets made with GORE-TEX for added protection against the mountain air. Ruggedly durable, our waterproof shells shed rain, snow and wind, while jackets with glove-friendly zippers offer on-the-fly adjustment. Whatever your skill level or goal, keep the chill out with our outdoor hiking parkas built for the cold.

Sometimes all you need is a light layer of warmth and you're good to go. Our selection of fleece-lined hiking outerwear with lightweight insulation is perfect for mild days. Reach the mountaintop and take in the view in one of our half-zip fleece sweatshirts. Designed to get you to the summit in comfort, fleece jackets provide lightweight warmth to keep the chill out. And when your hike heats up, the half-zip style allows for easy ventilation so you can continue on the trail without having to stop. Move through rough terrain in our full-zip fleece jackets built for agile movement. They're more than just a basic fleece, so you'll enjoy adventure performance as you navigate rock gardens and hop boulders. Styles featuring a honeycomb-backed fleece around the core provide increased warmth as you hike. Designed to be versatile, hiking jackets made of fleece are perfect for layering beneath a waterproof shell or over a lightweight long sleeve on colder days.

For days when you want to pick up the pace and trail run instead of hike, our wind jackets help you move with ease. Experience total freedom while exploring the trails you love in outdoor jackets made for speed. When the wind kicks up and rain rolls in, enjoy lightweight coverage as you run. Styles made with WIND.RDY repel gusts and light rain, so you can stay dry, warm and comfortable when out on the trail. Thanks to the slim build, you can pack our windbreakers down and stow them easily when the sun comes out. Designed with elastic at the wrists and hem for a secure fit and pockets to carry all your trail essentials, our wind jackets have all the tech you need for a quick-paced exploration through your favorite landscapes. Explore hiking jackets from adidas, and make the most of your next hike or trail run in the foothills or alpine.

hiking jackets Frequently Asked Questions

A good jacket to wear while hiking is packable, lightweight and water- or wind-proof. Your body will warm up with exercise, but changing weather and elevation can cool you off quickly, so it’s essential that your jacket can be stored and retrieved easily. Hiking jackets made with adidas RAIN.RDY or GORE-TEX will keep you dry. adidas WIND.RDY will repel wind and light showers.
Hiking jackets are designed for overlapping purposes, such as wind, rain and packability. For staying dry in wet conditions, look for waterproof features such as adidas RAIN.RDY or GORE-TEX. If the wind is a bigger concern, adidas WIND.RDY repels wind and light showers. Most jackets have a full-length zip, while an anorak jacket is a half-zip with a pullover design.
Choose a jacket that matches the weather where you’ll be hiking. If it’s cold out, an insulated puffer jacket helps keep warmth in. If it’s raining, look for waterproof features like sealed seams, adidas RAIN.RDY and GORE-TEX. Weather conditions can change quickly, so a lightweight, packable jacket is great for quick on-and-off layering. Read more about choosing hiking jackets and other gear on our blog.