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Hiking Boots


adidas hiking boots are made for stability and comfort to give you the mettle to tackle the most challenging mountains. Durable hiking footwear is the foundation of a successful time on the trail.

Comfortable adidas Hiking Boots

Rough trails are no reason to turn around and adidas Terrex hiking boots are ready for the roughest ones you can find. When you’re hiking over uneven terrain, rugged traction secures every step. Water-resistant uppers keep your feet dry through rainy weather and deep puddles. adidas durable hiking boots stand up to rocky trails and stray roots to get you where you want to go. Find that perfect picnic spot or the gorgeous sunrise vista. Browse comfortable, durable hiking boots for your family’s next adventure by shopping adidas online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiking Boots

How should hiking boots fit?

Hiking boots should provide a firm, supportive fit while not being too tight where friction points are created with the foot that can lead to blisters, swelling and discomfort. You should generally have a finger's width of space at the toe and heel of the boot to allow for mobility and foot swelling. The heel should also be held securely in place to reduce upward/downward motion that can lead to blisters.

How to break in hiking boots?

The best way to break in hiking boots is to actively wear them 2-4 weeks before your trip in different types of terrain with varying levels of difficulty and conditions. The time required to break the boot in will differ by type of material (leather vs. synthetic) and how it is constructed. It's important to wear proper socks and focus on any pain points in the fit so adjustments can be made with the laces to provide extra support while also reducing friction from high-impact areas.

Are hiking boots or shoes better?

Hiking boots and shoes both provide advantages and disadvantages depending on what type of hiking you are doing. Hiking boots provide superior ankle support, durability and protection from the elements and can be more insulated than hiking shoes. However, they are also heavier, take longer to dry and are harder to pack. Hiking shoes are typically lower cut, lighter, more agile, require less time to break-in and are easier to pack but less supportive, durable and protective.