Men's Golf Shoes

Meticulously designed for golfer’s everywhere, these men’s golf shoes offer the perfect blend of comfort, stability and traction.
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It doesn’t matter if you call them golf shoes or golf sneakers, adidas always pushes the game forward so athletes have best-in-class footwear. The best players in the world will tell you that footwear is the most important piece of equipment a player needs beyond the club in their hands. It’s the only connection with the ground, meaning players rely on the traction, grip, support, stability and comfort that a shoe has to help them at every point in their swing.

Both the men’s spiked golf shoes and men’s spikeless golf shoes made by adidas are award-winning. For example, spiked golf shoes like the TOUR360 feature a premium leather upper, X-shaped lugs to give players traction in all directions and conditions, and a locked-in feel that shows you’re ready to take on the course.

Spikeless golf shoes like CODECHAOS or models in the adiPure and adicross lines give players an alternative option that keeps them comfortable without sacrificing traction. Options like BOA® golf shoes that offer players a customizable closure system, and wide golf shoes that meet every fit, show that adidas has a golf shoe for every player. adidas’ proprietary BOOST technology is found in nearly every model. You’ll have to try a pair to find out why it’s called the best cushioning in the game.


Trying to swing big in the new year and spend more time outside on the golf course? You need the right shoes for performance, comfort, fit, and eventually a hole in one. The only hard decision? Shoes with spikes, or shoes without them. If you are a versatile golfer you need something different than if you are looking for gear for a slippery course. Regardless of your choice, it's always a good time for golf with adidas golf shoes that will help you play your best and master every stroke.

Men's Golf Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, many professional golfers choose to wear men's spikeless golf shoes due to their versatility and comfort. Spikeless shoes have a rubber outsole with traction patterns or nubs that provide grip on the golf course. They are suitable for different terrains and can be worn on and off the course. Some pros appreciate their lightweight feel and the convenience of not needing to change footwear. However, the choice between spikeless and spiked golf shoes ultimately depends on personal preference and specific conditions.
Golf shoes are not strictly necessary to play golf, but they offer advantages. Golf shoes are designed with features like traction, stability, and support that can enhance your performance on the course. They provide better grip, especially in wet or uneven conditions, allowing for a more stable swing. Golf shoes also often have waterproof or water-resistant properties, keeping your feet dry in damp conditions. Furthermore, golf shoes can help maintain the condition of the course by minimizing damage caused by regular shoes. While not mandatory, investing in men's golf shoes can enhance your comfort and overall golfing experience.
Ultraboost Spikeless are great for golf due to their comfort, support, and style. With Boost cushioning for comfort, a flexible Primeknit upper for a snug fit, and a versatile design, they provide golfers with both performance and fashion options.