adidas / July 2023

Spikes vs. Spikeless Golf Shoes: Which is Best for You?

Do you need spikes on your golf shoes? Learn the difference between spiked vs. spikeless golf shoes and how to choose what’s right for your game.

Picking the day’s golf shoes is like reading the course: you make your decision based on the conditions and your individual playing style. When it comes to choosing between spike vs. spikeless golf shoes, the answer isn't always obvious. As the technology in both types has improved, spikes have become lighter and more comfortable, while spikeless shoes offer more traction than ever before. We asked Masun Denison, the Global Footwear Director for adidas Golf, to provide all the details on how to choose between spiked vs. spikeless golf shoes.

Spiked Golf Shoes

Ideal for slippery conditions and strong swings, spiked golf shoes have a set of sharp cleats or spikes on the bottom of the outsole. Since many courses no longer allow golf shoes with spikes made of metal, adidas golf spikes are crafted with acrylic Thintech material that’s lighter on you and the course. “We design our spiked shoes to have great traction and to not tear up the greens. Spikes leave marks so we add secondary lugs that support the main spikes and reduce deep marks in the putting surface,” said Denison.  

Is It Better To Have Spikes On Golf Shoes?

Many dedicated golfers choose spiked shoes for games where your footing is key. “If you play year-round, often play in wet or muddy conditions, have a high swing speed, and always want maximum grip, then a spiked golf shoe is a great choice,” said Denison. “Traction levels are typically higher and can remain strong due to the replaceability of the spikes. This is one of the main reasons why many professionals prefer spiked golf shoes.” 
If you want ultra-light spikes with zero compromises, ZG23 is the shoe to try. Designed with the feeling of weightlessness in mind, these spiked golf shoes give you maximum grip without any extra bulk. “This is a high-performance spiked shoe that is engineered for the best players in the world but benefits golfers of all levels,” said Denison. “If you're looking for the best performance and something you can wear in any condition and know it will perform, then ZG23 is the right call.”

Spikeless Golf Shoes

For those times when you need versatility more than precision, spikeless golf shoes offer the best of all worlds. Instead of cleats, the outsoles are studded or dimpled for extra traction. One major advantage is versatility—no need to change your shoes before you head back to the clubhouse.  

What Is The Advantage Of Spikeless Golf Shoes?

Some golfers find spikeless shoes more comfortable and versatile for walking on and off the course since they’re lighter and don’t have sharp spikes. “The advantages in comfort and versatility are one of the reasons spikeless is so popular right now and a big reason why iconic sneakers are coming into golf,” said Denison.
“CODECHAOS does it all and does it well. It’s a shoe that pushes the boundaries of design, aesthetics and technology,” said Denison. The Boost midsole will keep you light and comfortable on your feet over all 18 holes, and the outsole’s Twist Grip technology provides the surest footing on a spikeless shoe—not to mention plenty of style for the clubhouse.

Which Shoe Is Right For Your Game?

All in all, you can’t go wrong with either shoe. With more spikeless golf shoes being designed like lifestyle sneakers, they are gaining popularity among casual golfers who crave comfort and personality in their golf outfits.
But if strong traction in your swing is important to your game, spiked shoes are just as popular on the course, and are coming out with fresh designs that deliver just as much style so every golfer can look their best. But who said you had to choose? Add a pair of spiked and spikeless shoes to your collection to be able to switch based on the conditions and feel unstoppable on the fairway.
adidas / July 2023