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What to Wear Golfing: Tips and Recommendations

Get the look and hit the links. Learn what to wear golfing with adidas.

Golf is a sport steeped in tradition and etiquette, with a rich history that spans centuries. Over time, the game’s attire has evolved, and today's golf outfits reflect a more modern, on-trend style. Golfers can now express their unique personalities through their clothing choices, all while staying comfortable and looking their best on the course. We hit the links with adidas ambassadors Cailyn Henderson and Bradford Wilson to break down what to wear golfing. See what they put together and get inspired to elevate your own fashion game while playing golf. 

What's The Best Clothing To Wear Golfing?

When learning what to wear golfing it’s important to invest in clothing that is comfortable, technical, and adheres to your club's dress code. Collared shirts, crewnecks, sweaters, hoodies, slacks, golf leggings, joggers, cropped shorts, skirts, dresses, and golf shoes are all appropriate golf wear.

What Should You Not Wear Golfing?

You want to avoid restrictive clothing made with uncomfortable fabrics when playing golf. You don’t want to wear anything that will inhibit your ability to play the game with comfort and confidence.

What To Wear Golfing: Outfits For The Course

Whether you're teeing off at a club with a strict dress code or playing golf in a more relaxed environment, you always want to bring your A-game with your looks. "I love how versatile golf fashion is,” said Cailyn Henderson. "With other sports, it can be hard to express yourself through clothes because you're normally in a uniform, but with golf, you can freely express yourself through colors, patterns, and the style of clothing."
Explore the looks crafted by Cailyn and Bradford below.

Cold Weather Looks

Golfing doesn’t stop when the temperature drops. Here are two ideas for what to wear to tee off when it’s chilly out.

Country Club Chic

Sleek and simple, this look is perfect for when you plan to play a round at an upscale golf course or country club. Henderson paired the white Go-To Piqué sleeveless polo with a black Textured Full-Zip Jacket for this look. She tied this look together with black Pull-On Ankle Pants, crisp blue ZG23 golf shoes, and a white Tour Snapback hat. “This look made me feel classy and put together,” said Henderson. “It’s a timeless golf look.”
No Duffer Zone: To tuck or not to tuck your polo is completely up to you! Do what feels and looks best for you.

The Golf Pro

To create a clean and modern golf outfit, Wilson paired a Two-Colored Striped polo shirt made in part with recycled materials with a black Go-To ½-Zip pullover. His navy blue Go-To 5-Pocket Pants are made with stretch fabric designed to move as he swings. “I love these Go-To 5-Pocket pants,” said Wilson. “They’re comfortable and extremely versatile. I’ve definitely put non-golf fits together with them.” Wilson topped this outfit off with collegiate navy ZG23 golf shoes, which added a level of crispness to the entire look.
No Duffer Zone: Invest in golf polos and not regular polo shirts. adidas golf polos are made of breathable materials that handle sweat appropriately and don’t restrict your swing.

Warm Weather Looks

When the weather is nice, the golf course can become your second home. Below are two ways you can craft warm weather outfits for golf.

Spring Swing

When the temperature rises, it's time to bring out the bright colors and beautiful patterns on the golf course. Henderson shows us how it's done by pairing a Floral polo shirt with a white Ultimate365 Tour skort , a floral 2023 Season Opener hat, and coral ZG23 golf shoes. Monochromatic looks are trending in fashion and that’s what Henderson loved about this look. 
“I love how well everything matches,” said Henderson. “Few companies make a matching hat for your golf shirt, and the ZG23 shoes have a pop of coral as well! This outfit makes me feel confident and ready to play my best golf.”
No Duffer Zone: Invest in soft-spike golf shoes as most clubs prefer these over metal spiked ones or opt for spikeless golf shoes. Learn the difference between spike and spikeless golf shoes here.

Walk The Green

For a sunny day on the golf course, Wilson showed up in an outfit that is bright and well-orchestrated. Wilson wore a Play Green monogram polo shirt and black, water repellent Ultimate365 Core shorts. He paired the base of this outfit with a strapping silver Trophy Tour belt , a cap to protect himself from harsh UV rays, dark silver metallic ZG23 golf shoes and a sleek white golf glove.
“I love the pop of green in this look,” said Wilson. “Green is my favorite color, it makes me happy and makes me think about how grateful I am to be healthy, and I play my best golf when I’m happy.”
No Duffer Zone: When investing in golf gloves, ensure they are the right fit, or else they can mess up your grip.

Freestyle Look

Whatever the weather brings, tap into your creativity and personal style when picking an outfit for golf. Let the two looks below inspire you to showcase your unique style when dressing for the course.

Blue Birdie

This baby blue golf dress looks and feels like a dream. Crafted entirely of 100% recycled polyester twill, this long sleeve golf dress also features attached undershorts that allow you to swing and bend your knees without restriction. Henderson paired this dress with a blue Tour Snapback hat and blue ZG23 golf shoes. “I love this adidas golf dress,” said Henderson. “It exceeded my expectations, and I finally feel comfortable swinging in a dress.”
No Duffer Zone: You never want to feel restricted in golf clothes. Be sure to invest in apparel that is comfortable and easy to swing in.

Flowers For The Fairway

Fun, fitted, and clean is the perfect way to describe this look. Wilson wore a white Ultimate365 Allover Print golf polo as his base, pulling the collar over the top of a black Adicross Burning Cart Society crewneck stitched with a pop of floral and a sand trap graphic on the back. Paired with black Ultimate365 Tapered pants with built-in UV coverage, the Adicross Burning Cart Society bucket hat, his signature white glove, and dark silver metallic ZG23 golf shoes, this look is ready for the golf course. 
“The Burning Cart Society crewneck is my favorite part of this look,” said Wilson. “This crewneck has become kind of iconic in the golf community these days, and for good reason. Hafe is an amazing photographer and I love everything that BCS does and what this collaboration represents.”
No Duffer Zone: Hats are a fantastic way to accessorize and shield your eyes from the sun.  Forward-facing baseball caps and visors are standard, but you can add flair to your golf outfits by trying out a bucket hat. 

Ace The Look

Dress the part so you can play the part. Understanding what to wear golfing will not only elevate your game but your confidence as well. "I am a firm believer that when you feel confident, you play better golf,” said Henderson.
Dressing well for a day on the green ensures you’re protected from the elements and comfortable and unrestricted through every swing. “I’m so happy that adidas is actually trying to give us something new and different, when it come to golf clothing,” said Wilson. “The footwear is by far the most comfortable in the golf industry and I wear the apparel on and off the course.”
Remember that the golf course is a place for you to breathe, be out in nature and connect with yourself and the game you love. When choosing your golf outfit, be sure it reflects who you are and enables you to feel and play your best.
adidas / May 2023