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adidas / July 23, 2021
3 Minute Read
Timothy Olson Owns The Pacific Crest Trail's Fastest Known Time

Over 2,650 MIles, in 51 days, 16 hours and 55 min. Adidas ultrarunner and activist, Timothy Olson owns the Fastest Known (FKT) Time on the Pacific Crest Trail.

adidas / July 01, 2021
The 2 Key Technologies That Make the adizero Range Our Fastest Ever

Technology is the key component driving the latest iteration of our record-breaking performance shoe - built for speed on the road.

adidas / June 22, 2021
4 Minute Read
Running in the Heat: Tips and Summer Gear

The urge to get out for a run doesn’t go away when the days start heating up. Hit the road all summer long with these tips for running in the heat.

adidas / July 08, 2021
5 Minute Read
Interval Running for Beginners: Where to Start

For beginners, interval running can be a great way to jumpstart your motivation and ramp up your fitness. Get tips from experts, plus plans for interval runs.

adidas / July 01, 2021
Allison Graaff
How to Break in Running Shoes for Maximum Comfort

Time to retire your old running shoes? Learn some easy ways to break in your new running shoes for optimal comfort and performance.

adidas / June 01, 2021
5 Minute Read
Over 2,650 Miles, Under 52 Days

Timothy Olson attempts to own the Pacific Crest Trail's Fastest known time.

adidas / July 05, 2021
What is 4DFWD?

Combining years of athlete data with the unique technology of 3D printing, adidas 4DFWD is created to provide runners with an all-new running experience. Designed to move you forward. 

adidas / June 01, 2021
3 Minute Read
Why Ultraboosts are a Great Running Shoe

What are Ultraboosts good for? Running, first and foremost. Built on runners’ insights, here’s how Ultraboost running shoes can add energy return to every step.

adidas / June 01, 2021
What is adidas Boost Technology?

It's hard to imagine adidas without Boost technology. Learn more about how we continue to develop Boost to help change the course of running shoes forever!

adidas / December 16, 2020
6 Minute Read
Cross Training for Runners: 20 Minute Circuit Workouts

Learn how cross-training is the secret weapon to reaching your running goals, and become a better runner with this simple 20-minute cross-training workout.

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