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Five Ten Gear

The brand of the brave, Five Ten clothes and shoes are designed with adventure and performance in mind. From pump track to single track, Five Ten mountain bike shoes offer the unmatched pedal control of Stealth rubber and a Dotty tread. Five Ten bike shorts and shirts complement the casual style pioneered by the Freerider and Sleuth bike shoes. Rock climbers know that Stealth rubber is synonymous with approach shoes and climbing shoes alike. Send your next project with the confidence-inspiring grip of Five Ten climbing shoes.
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Let Five Ten shoes carry you onwards and upwards

Go wherever your legs can take you with Five Ten shoes for climbers and cyclists. Functional, sleek and lightweight, these outdoor sneakers are built to keep you active. Combining responsiveness with flexibility, Five Ten footwear features Stealth® Phantom rubber which gives you the grip to push you onwards and upwards with ease. Equal parts cycle shoe and everyday sneaker, Five Ten fuses performance with a classic low-profile adidas shape to deliver confidence on or off the cycle. Once on, the shoes fit snugly around your feet and the modest flex fabric gives you comfort throughout the day.

Choose Five Ten footwear which works for you

Life can be like a marathon every day so you need footwear that keeps up with your lifestyle. Five Ten shoes feature Stealth® Mi6™ rubber outsoles to give you the unbeatable grip to take your cycle down any path you choose. Lightweight and slinky enough to keep in your backpack, you can take them wherever you go in search of adventure. Whether you're hunting down a tough rock or heading for a new bike trail, Five Ten sneakers are a trusted and convenient companion of outdoor athletes throughout the world.

High-performance climbing shoes with style and substance

Beneath the style of Five Ten climbing shoes is the substance to let you tackle technical climbs with pleasure. High-performance footwear that gamees your ambition and includes underline leather uppers with a gentle stretch to give your foot a snug and comfortable fit. A combination of Stealth® C4 rubber outsoles and extended toe rands provide maximum friction for unbeatable grip throughout your climb. Whether you wear yours up a mountain or at the local park boulder, Five Ten climbing shoes are sturdy and comfy enough to take you to the summit.

Five Ten Gear Frequently Asked Questions

Five Ten is a brand of footwear made for rock climbing and mountain biking. (The brand's name refers to the 5.10 rating on the U.S. climbing difficulty scale.) Started in 1985 by Charles Cole, a California chemist who loved climbing, Five Ten became part of the adidas Group in 2011. Five Ten shoes are designed in close collaboration with athletes who provide real-world feedback. The shoes use a particular kind of rubber that Cole developed called Stealth® rubber. Its visco-elastic and vibration-absorbing properties make it especially well suited to the specific demands of climbing and mountain biking.
adidas bought the Five Ten brand in 2011, and the California-based footwear maker integrated with the adidas Outdoor team in 2017. Five Ten, which makes shoes for rock climbing and mountain biking, was started in 1985 by Charles Cole, a chemist who loved climbing. Five Ten footwear has always been athlete driven, with climbers and bikers providing real-world feedback for design and development.Learn more about the history of the Five Ten brand on the adidas blog.
Five Ten mountain biking shoes that have GORE-TEX in the name are waterproof. Some Five Ten shoes are water-resistant, which means they'll shed light rain. Other Five Ten biking shoes are designed with midsole cutouts to drain water and allow for quick drying. Five Ten shoes with a water-resistant upper include the Five Ten Freerider Pro and Five Ten Kestrel Pro BOA. Five Ten shoes with midsole drainage include the Five Ten Trailcross XT. Five Ten shoes for rock climbing are not waterproof.