Five Ten Climbing Shoes

Go higher than ever in adidas Five Ten climbing gear. Secure each foothold in shoes that deliver a snug fit with hook-and-loop straps that lock you in. Rubber outsoles grip the rock as you climb.

Five Ten approach & climbing shoes push you towards the summit

Beneath the style of Five Ten climbing shoes is the substance to let you cling to rocks and slick climbing surfaces. High-performance footwear which delivers unbeatable traction in a lightweight, casual style. Whether you're planning to wear yours up a mountain or at the local park boulder, these Five Ten climbing and approach sneakers are sturdy and comfy enough to take you to the summit.

Choose Five Ten approach and climbing shoes to suit your terrain

adidas knows that climbing is more than just the hours you spend on the boulder. Since more of an outdoor climber's time is spent reaching the wall than on it, you need a pair of approach shoes that are robust enough to carry you through rough terrain. Five Ten approach and climbing shoes for men and women feature soft midsoles and knit textile uppers which give you maximum comfort during long days on the mountain. Stealth® S1 rubber outsoles remain firm on wet or dry surfaces and include a committed climbing zone for edging and smearing. The rubberised exoskeleton provides the shoe with extra support through the unsteady territory to give you a pair of shoes that keep up with the route to your destination. Five Ten approach and climbing shoes are trusted and comfortable companions of adventure seekers throughout the world.

High-performance approach and climbing footwear with style and substance

Your legs can take you anywhere with Five Ten approach and climbing shoes. Functional, durable and lightweight, these outdoor sneakers are built to keep you moving. Combining toughness, grip and flexibility, Five Ten footwear feature Stealth® rubber outsoles which give you the traction needed to push you towards the summit. Equal parts climbing shoe and everyday sneaker, Five Ten fuses performance with style to take you from town to crag and back. These sneakers slip on snugly while the sock-like construction hugs the foot for ultimate comfort throughout the day.