Five Ten Mountain Bike Shoes

Lace up for your next trail ride with Five Ten mountain biking shoes. Non-marking outsoles grip the pedals for a smoother ride even when the terrain is at its roughest. Find your MTB Five Tens at adidas.

Five Ten Mountain Biking Shoes

If it’s about the journey over the destination, then look no further. Maximize comfort and performance in Five Ten mountain bike shoes so you can savor every moment of the adventure. Reinforced toe boxes add impact resistance, while padded ankle support lock everything in place for a secure composure. Grippy Stealth® S1 Dotty rubber outsoles glue your feet to the peddle for a confident ride that endures every bump in the road. No adventure is complete without some spontaneity. With soft, versatile builds, these shoes are ready for action when you decide it’s time to hike. Stylish skater-like silhouettes with a variety of upper designs — from textile to suede— let you truly take these kicks everywhere. And when the day’s journey is all done, high-tech materials dry quickly so you can wake up tomorrow morning and start a new adventure. Make the most of everyday with secure style that can handle everything life throws at you. Five Ten are the only bike shoes made for every journey. Learn more about the benefits of biking 30 minutes a day at the adidas blog.

Five Ten Mountain Bike Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Look for mountain biking shoes that match your riding conditions. First, check your pedals. If you’re using a platform (flat) pedal, choose a shoe with a flat outsole. If your pedals have interlocking cleats, you want clipless shoes. Then think about where and how you’ll be riding. If heat is a primary concern, a lightweight shoe that breathes will keep you comfortable on long rides. If you’re more concerned about protection from the elements, brush and debris, look for a shoe with a heavier, protective build. adidas Five Ten makes shoes for a variety of pedals and conditions.
A clipless mountain biking shoe has a stiff outsole with a cleat system underneath the ball of the foot that locks directly into the bike pedal. The shoes are called “clipless” because they replace an older technology involving an external toe clip. There are two- and three-cleat clipless configurations. Be sure your mountain biking shoes are compatible with your pedals.
Choose mountain biking shoes that match your pedals and your riding style. If you use traditional platform (flat) pedals, you want a shoe with a flat rubber outsole. If your pedals have an interlocking cleat system, look for clipless shoes that match your pedals’ cleat configuration. Clipless shoes provide stability and more efficient energy use. But there’s less freedom of movement once the outsole is locked in, so newer riders might be uncomfortable. Flat shoes provide maximum comfort and freedom of movement but require more energy on each stroke, especially uphill. Check out the adidas blog for more tips on how to choose mountain bike shoes.