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Find the perfect black adidas sneaker to complete your outfit. A classic choice that's suited for any occasion, choose from iconic 3-stripes designs like the Superstar and sleek cleats made for sport.
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adidas Black Shoes

Harness the versatility and performance of adidas black shoes for sport and casual wear. Dark all-black colorways go with everything in your closet while letting your rivals know you mean business. Subtle style doesn’t take anything away from your game and adidas black sneakers let your play do all the talking. Innovative designs and specialized technologies work for you to meet the demands of whatever sport you’re playing. Responsive cushioning for every step keeps you moving whether you’re on a fast break or racing to a meeting. Soft adidas Boost cushioning returns energy to your stride.  Stay fast and agile on your feet with lightweight materials. On the basketball court, soccer fields, race tracks and beyond, lace up in black shoes like the Dame 7, Copa Sense, Freak Ghost and more to raise your level. After your game, slip into relaxed men’s slides to get your recovery started.

Off the field, adidas has black sneakers for your everyday life. Whether you prefer the modern athletic vibes of the NMD or Ultraboost or timeless looks like the Samba, Stan Smith and Superstar, start from the ground up to express your unique style. When you want a little extra flair, vibrant pops of color add all you need to your footwear. You can always keep things lowkey and sophisticated with elegant black and white sneakers featuring the classic adidas 3-Stripes. Browse black shoes at adidas for no-hassle, do-it-all style and pinnacle performance.

adidas technologies making our black adidas shoes responsive and comfortable

You have the option of choosing from literally hundreds of different black shoe designs, some of which feature our ground-breaking Ultraboost technology for enhanced responsiveness and energy transfer, while others incorporate Primeknit stretch weaving to provide your foot with a snug and comfortable fit that completely envelops it. The Ultraboost technology utilized in adidas black shoes features an essential component called shock-absorption cushioning. The black sneakers’ responsiveness comes from the transmission of energy back to the feet from the padding, which is an exceptionally helpful boost to have if you engage in high-intensity aerobic activities such as running or fast walking.

Comfort and performance during exercise are never compromised when wearing adidas. The mesh uppers will keep your feet cool and dry while also providing a cushioned step. The black sneaker’s sock-like construction contours to your foot for a custom fit. Your running and walking abilities will be much improved if you purchase a pair of adidas black shoes to wear. You should put on some vintage styles with black adidas shoes. For superior traction on a variety of surfaces, including a hike or rough terrain, these shoes feature a Continental rubber outsole. The black sneaker designs feature both laced and slip-on styles to choose from, making them versatile enough to be worn as gym shoes.

You'll have an advantage on rough ground thanks to Traxion and Primeknit. In addition, the foundation of the black shoes is composed of EVA-infused material, which makes them very lightweight and comfortable to wear. When you hit the trails and splash through muddy puddles, the additional protection that GORE-TEX® provides will go a long way in helping you stay dry and comfortable. It doesn't matter if you're looking for either traditional tennis shoes or vintage runners - the adidas black shoe collection has it all. We provide a wide variety of boots and shoes for both men and women in the most popular black hue.


Make yourself at home with a pair of adidas black shoes

Wearing a pair of black shoes will make you feel great and at home. The black sneakers are suitable for both children and adults. This allows you to pick a design that is most suited to either you or your children, depending on your preferences. The black shoes’ materials that are waterproof and water-repellent will protect you from getting wet if you are running during the rainy months. As a result of the shoes’ energy-return midsoles, you'll be able to keep going until you decide it's time to stop, and the fact that adidas black sneakers are made from breathable and lightweight materials makes them ideal for wearing on a daily basis.