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Predator Clothes & Shoes

Launch Football Predator 2024 Fall Winter image
adidas Predator soccer cleats are made to enable net-busting power, pure control and spot-on accuracy. Goals never came so easy.
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adidas Predator

Since making its soccer debut in 1994, adidas Predator has become a name synonymous with soccer. From those original cleats with their aggressive-looking strike zone elements to the huge range of footwear and hardware we see today, it's a name that towers above its rivals. The Predator cleats have had many looks over the decades. Created to help you control the ball and dominate matches, celebrated versions like the Accelerator, Precision, Mania and Absolute have been worn by some of the greatest players in the beautiful game's history.

As the adidas Predator shoe established itself on the soccer scene, the family grew to include soccer hardware too. Keeping that same focus on control and precision, adidas Predator goalkeeper gloves and shin guards share the pioneering technologies of their cleat counterparts. Keeper gloves benefit from the same grippy elements, helping you add accuracy to your punches. Shin guards use it to ensure your shields remain stable inside your socks or compression sleeves. Wherever you play on the soccer field and whatever you need from your gear, you can rely on adidas Predator shoes and gear to help you dominate. So check out our selection above and start bossing games.