Soccer Cleats

There's more than one way to light it up on the soccer field. Laces or no laces, grass or artificial turf, shop adidas soccer cleats to level up your touch.
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adidas Soccer Cleats

For every touch, turn, cut and sprint, adidas soccer cleats support your game. Find the pair that matches your playstyle whether you’re a midfield maestro, tearing up and down the wings, or making a goal-saving tackle. Whether you’re playing on natural or artificial surfaces you can find the types of adidas soccer cleats that provide the traction you need. Fixed studs grip natural and artificial grass to help you take off, while rubber nubs work best on artificial turf. Shop adidas for soccer shoes and cleats that help you play your best every time you step on the field.

Types of adidas Soccer Cleats

X soccer shoes are lightweight to keep you a step ahead of the defense. The snug upper is streamlined for next-level speed on and off the ball.

Predator soccer cleats have a high-cut ankle collar for flexible support and Demonskin 2.0 rubber strike zones — a raised texture for enhanced touch on the ball when passing, shooting and receiving.

Copa soccer cleats feature a premium leather or synthetic upper for a soft touch on the ball to carve defenses apart.

Laced soccer shoes lock your feet in, while laceless designs are snug and supportive with a clean strike zone.

Soccer Cleats Frequently Asked Questions

American football cleats and soccer cleats are not the same. There are key differences in the way the cleats are designed and manufactured based on the needs of each sport. Football cleats are built with heavy-duty outsoles to offer added protection and durability They also have a stud positioned at the toe to help increase push-off and traction in a variety of turf and weather conditions. Soccer cleats are more focused on speed, quick lateral movements and ball-handling so they are designed without a midsole to reduce weight. While soccer cleats are generally low cut, football cleats are made in low, medium and high-top styles. Cleats for football have thicker outsoles and a stud near the big toe for traction when you push off from a static position. Soccer cleats don’t include a midsole, so players can maximize their speed and ball-handling maneuvers. Football cleats do have midsoles to provide much-needed stability and comfort.
Metal soccer cleats are often allowed at youth, high school, and professional levels of soccer but are subject to local and league regulations. NCAA rule 4.1.17 states that “soccer shoes are typically allowed to contain aluminum, leather, rubber, nylon, plastic cleats, studs, or bars as long as they are not considered dangerous to other players.” The referee has the final decision on whether to allow metal soccer cleats to be used in any match.
adidas soccer cleats are designed to fit true-to-size, but many players prefer to have a slightly smaller size to provide additional stability, foot lockdown and a more natural touch & feel with the ball. A properly fitting soccer cleat should fit snuggly around your foot to reduce heel movement while still allowing for up to a ¼ inch of space between the toe and top of the shoe. For more tips, check out the adidas soccer cleat buying guide.