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Women's Cleats

Run faster, play smarter, own the field or show your true colors. Choose how you play the beautiful game with a selection of women's cleats from adidas.
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adidas Women's Cleats

Take your game to the next level with women's cleats from adidas. From soccer cleats to show your skills and turf trainers to put in the work when no ones is watching, to women's softball cleats to flash the leather when it counts, you can find a wide array of styles and colors to suit your taste and needs. Women's soccer cleats provide a snug fit for safe movement on the field, while turf trainers are lightweight and flexible to keep you comfortable while you work on your game. Before you buy a pair of women's cleats to wear for your next game or practice, make sure you know where they'll perform at their best. There are different shoes for different playing surfaces, and playing with the wrong kind of cleats can result in suboptimal performance, discomfort or even potential injury. Cleats labeled "FG" stand for firm ground. Firm ground cleats are designed to provide traction and stability on most natural grass soccer fields. They are made for harder, rougher, dryer, and less-treated playing surfaces.

Women's cleats with the "SG" label stand for soft ground. Those soccer cleats are made for wet, natural grass surfaces. They often have screwed-in metal studs that provide traction while you run, turn or land from a jump on muddy or overwatered surfaces. Women's turf shoes are best used on artificial ground, made to perform their best in those speedy, even surfaces. You can get a pair with conventional laces or a pair of women's laceless turf shoes. You can simply slip them on and go about your game or practice without worrying about your cleats becoming untied. Women's turf shoes like the Predator Edge have molded lugs on the outsole and a cushioned midsole to lessen the toll of playing on a firm surface that isn't water-treated. The Predator Edge come in a standard laced style and a laceless design. The latter has a streamlined build that molds to your feet for a seamless touch on the ball, whether you're showing your footwork one on one, crossing the ball into the box or striking it from distance.

Women's turf shoes like the Predator have a lightweight, synthetic upper with a Control Zone grip throughout the forefoot for a true touch on the ball. A stretchy, socklike fit on the midfoot molds to your feet while an adaptive collar provides a snug feel, so you never have to worry about their laces coming undone mid-game. Carefully-placed rubber lugs on the outsole give you the traction you need to pull off tricky skills and show your technical ability on the field. Show that burst of speed, your strength on the ball and that innate goal-scoring instinct the minute you lace them up.

If softball is your game, you know that hustle can be the difference between winning or losing. The adidas PureHustle women's softball cleats have a Sprintskin upper that's lightweight and durable to keep you in the zone at the plate and laser-focused on the field. A Lightstrike midsole helps you fly at top speed without weighing you down. Metal cleats on the outsole give you the traction you need for confident swings and highlight-reel plays on the diamond. Lace them up, take the field and make every out count. Leg out those extra base hits and let it rip once your pitch approaches the plate. Whether you're looking for cleats for soccer practice or the big softball game, adidas has a wide range of styles to suit your fancy. Shop our collection of women's cleats, today, and take your game to a whole new level.