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adidas has the best cleats in the world. No matter your sport, adidas cleats provide the support you need to excel and dominate every opponent. Football, baseball and softball cleats from adidas are durable and lightweight and built for players at every position on the field. adidas soccer cleats are optimized for firm ground as well as turf. They're worn by the greatest players in the world and feature all the latest technologies so you can change the game with a touch and strike the ball with confidence.
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adidas Cleats

Make the most of every second, play and position when you wear adidas cleats. Find your perfect pair from our range of baseball, football and soccer cleats. Each type is built with game-specific technologies to outwork the opponent. Our indoor cleats and outdoor cleats help you create more grip, speed and control, whatever the arena, which could mean the difference between outplaying your opponent or the game outplaying you. A match tied in stoppage time. The bottom of the ninth. Overtime. These are the moments that define legends. History is written by the victors. Shop adidas for the cleats you need to dominate.

Dare to create in iconic soccer silhouettes like Copa or Predator cleats. Change the game in football cleats like adizero, the lightest cleat in football, or the Freak cleat, which provides mid-cut support with a low-cut feel. When it comes down to the wire in baseball, you'll be able to make the clutch plays between bases and in the outfield. adizero baseball cleats, designed for strong hitters and sluggers, are an ideal addition to your game-day attire. Whether you're playing on turf, grass or dirt, adidas sports cleats are the choice of champions. Shop our collection of cleats to find your perfect pair for what you love.

Cleats Frequently Asked Questions

Cleats dig into the ground to provide excellent traction on the field. They're used for sports like football, soccer and baseball, as well as for track and field. Not every playing surface is ideal for cleats, so to be sure to check with your league's regulations before you start playing.
Spikes and cleats refer to the same thing — a shoe with pointed studs on the outsole that dig into the field and provide traction. Sports cleats are common for many track and field events, where they're often called spikes. Cleats are also used in soccer, baseball, football and other sports played on natural grass.
Yes. The words cleats, studs and spikes all refer to points on a shoe's outsole, designed to provide traction on the field. Cleats are used in a variety of sports, including soccer, baseball, American football and track and field (where the term spikes is more common). They're usually made of molded plastic, but metal cleats are common as well.