Women's Softball Cleats

Control every inning from the outfield to the batter’s box in adidas women’s softball cleats and turf shoes. Supportive uppers and tough traction help you slide, dive and swing your way to a big win.

adidas Women’s Softball Cleats and Turf Shoes 

No fly ball or extra base is out of reach with adidas women’s softball cleats and turf shoes. Speed around the diamond with reliable traction and supportive designs that can keep up with your dynamic game. From turning double plays to smashing home runs, you’re set to build your highlight reel. Snug uppers wrap your foot with breathable materials and synthetic overlays that hold up against base-stealing slides and diving catches. Soft midsoles like Bounce cushioning are lightweight and flexible while absorbing impacts as you sprint around the field. Choose the outsole that works best for your playing surface, from metal cleats that dig into natural grass and dirt to molded spikes that grip synthetic turf. Either way, you can take off with confidence. Plant your feet for a stable foundation to power your swing and cut off that ground ball to make the throw to first. Whether you’re working on your swing at the batting cage or securing the final out in the bottom of the seventh, you’ll be at the top of your game. Shop women’s softball shoes and cleats at adidas and close out another big win. 

Women's Softball Cleats Frequently Asked Questions

Cleats that are used for softball have rectangular-shaped studs. The studs can be made of metal, for playing on natural grass and dirt, or molded from rubber or plastic for grip on synthetic turf. Women’s softball cleats are designed to provide support, traction and flexible cushioning for the motions of running, swinging and throwing.
Choose softball cleats that are the same size that you wear in street shoes. (If you’re in between sizes, you can size up or down one size.) Women’s softball cleats are intended to be snug to lock in your foot. Check out reviews from people who bought the softball cleats you’re interested in to see their feedback about the fit of specific cleats.
The difference between softball cleats and baseball cleats is sizing and configuration. Women’s softball cleats use studs with a rectangular shape. The studs on baseball cleats can be rectangular, round or another shape. Softball cleats typically have a thinner midsole and are lighter weight. Baseball cleats typically have a wider toe box and more ankle support. When deciding which cleats to buy, think about how you’ll be using them. For example, indoors doing drills or on the diamond on game day. Pick metal studs to play on natural grass and dirt, and molded studs for synthetic turf.