Winter Wear: Coats, Jackets & More

adidas’ winter collection offers cold weather outfits to keep you covered from head to toe. From cozy beanies to durable boots, find what you need to keep warm when the temperature drops.
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adidas Winter Outfits to Keep You Warm

On and off the field, the adidas winter collection blocks out the elements to keep you warm and comfortable. For another layer and a little extra warmth, grab a puffer vest to throw over a jacket or hoodie. When the temperature really drops, a heavy-duty parka keeps you warm with thick insulation. From the sideline to the city, your cold weather outfits aren’t complete without an insulated jacket to block out the wind, rain and cold. adidas WIND.RDY, RAIN.RDY, and COLD.RDY apparel is ready for whatever the weather throws at you. Shop adidas online to upgrade your winter outfits before you’re caught out in the cold.

Winter Wear Frequently Asked Questions

The climate where you live is the first thing to think about when you look for a men's winter jacket. Also think about where you'll wear the jacket — on the mountain, or on your commute. In the coldest temperatures, insulation plus layering is a good strategy. Go for an insulated adidas COLD.RDY shell jacket, and wear it over a fleece sweatshirt and other layers. In more moderate climates, a lightweight, insulated, water-resistant jacket will shed light snow and rain. If your winters are mostly rainy, a waterproof, seam-sealed RAIN.RDY jacket will do the trick.
Winter tights for running, training and team sports are made with moisture-wicking technical fabrics — typically polyester with some spandex for stretch. This allows them to hold in body heat without getting swampy. You can wear them on their own, or layer them under shorts for extra warmth.
The best winter coats are insulated and water-resistant. Lightweight down or synthetic insulation traps your body heat to keep you warm. A water-repellent finish on your men's winter coat will keep light rain and snow at bay. Or look for techs like GORE-TEX for full waterproofing. A packable hood with a high collar gives you full coverage in the elements.